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Party at The Watermark - Fire and Ice - Sat Feb 16th - To Benefit the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex


The time has come for a little fun and fun for a good cause!  If you've been around long enough, you might remember the Party in Your Parka events out at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.  Ya....they were HUGE with a capital HU.  Day spilled over into night and the event was a giant success....until it got to be a little, shall we say "problematic" to get a band to play when it's 6 degrees out.  Yes...Old Man Winter made the Party in Your Parka a difficult time for a lot of angles of a successful party so, it took a little hiatus.  Hiatus being the operative word here. 

 A little re-thinking was involved.  A little tweaking of what worked and what didn't and the imaginative party planners behind the "Parka" days re-invented Muskegon's way to have a great time in the dead of Winter and raise a few bucks for the Winter Sports Complex.  You're still encouraged to dress appropriately for the season.  Anything that says Rossignol - K2 - Elan - Nubs Nob - Cannonsburg, you name it, totally cool to wear!  Still have your moon boots!  Bring em!  Prefer a warmer mindset?  Well that's fine.  The party is all about "Fire and Ice" of if you like it hot, or like it cold...there's something going on for ya.
Things get underway at 7 with a live special on The Muskegon Channel where Britta will be greeting the crowd and sharing some info with the audience watching at home about the Winter Sports Complex as well as how the park is transitioning into a year round facility.  Adding zip lines, tree canopy tours and so much more.  It's going to be an incredible way to get the ball rolling.  The West Side Soul Surfers take the stage at 8 with awesome music.  There are going to be fire dancers, a shot luge carved by Jack Page.  Great food by Fatty Lumpkins.  How about a s'mores bar and a hot chocolate and coffee bar?  A great silent auction to help with a few bucks and SO much more!!  The Watermark 920 knows how to throw a party...and you can't miss this one! 
Britta caught up with Jim Rudicil of the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex and Laurel Sass to talk about the party and purpose.  Take a listen!

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It's going to be an awesome night you don't want to miss!  Get those tickets in advance by clicking on the photo below and don't wait till the last minute.  This is a great night for a great purpose and the money raised goes directly to benefit one of our most incredible town treasures, the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex!