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Muskecon got started a couple years ago by Pete McCarthy who's an avid collector and admitted "geek" celebrating all things "geek" with his fellow "geeks" and to the surprise of everyone....there were a LOT of geeks in Muskegon!  The show was an incredible hit Downtown Muskegon and came back for year two, and now on to year 3 March 23rd 2019!

A lot goes into the show to put it on.  If you've ever put on an expo, or even been to one, it's widely known that they are a huge undertaking.  But for all that goes into a show like Muskecon on the surface, behind the scenes the networking is widespread and with the age of social media being what it is, it's not long until some major players in the collectibles game, or any other endeavor begin to find each other and connect.  This is kind of the case with Muskecon and the guy behind the film "Plastic Crack" you can find on Amazon. 

Guillermo Olivo is the creator of "Plastic Crack".  It's a documentary about collectors and the lengths they go to fuel their love for nostalgia, unique additions to their collections and what drives them to accumulate such massive collections.  Some of which, admittedly go far beyond obsession for the love of their stuff.  Locally, we have some of our collectors featured in the film.  Steve Biesiada is a local collector who's got a pretty good role in the film and will also be at the Muskecon.  Steve is also tied in to some local Podcasts, "The Podcasters of the Universe" and "My Wife is Going Kill Me" both of which are centered around collectibles and toys...and if it's not all falling in to place for you by now...the magic if the internet is what's brought all these guys together and will be bringing Guillermo to Muskegon later this month to discuss his film.

I'll tell you this, "Plastic Crack" is WAY more than a guy going around with a camera showing off toy collections.  Guillermo takes a very deep and human approach to collectors and collections and just how much of an impact, good or bad, they can have on peoples lives.  Some of the collectors in the series take some very high risks to protect what they have and some trade one addiction for another.  It's a pretty intense viewing experience and delves deep into the human psyche.  It's very much worth watching.  

I had a chance to talk to Guillermo in advance of his visit to Muskegon on March 23rd.  We talk about "Plastic Crack" and how he came to have such deep connections in Muskegon.  We also talk about this wave of collectors we're seeing in today's age and the growing need for nostalgia.  Take a listen.

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A fun conversation and a fun event coming up.  Make sure you check out Muskecon March 23rd at The Holiday Inn Downtown Muskegon and jump on Amazon to see "Plastic Crack" before you come so you can see the docuseries in advance of the panel Guillermo will be hosting at the event!  It's a great event coming to Muskegon and growing.  Take a look at the "Plastic Crack" trailer in the link below!  We'll see you at Muskecon March 23rd.