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It's been 11 years that Muskegon Rockstock has been delighting fans with their ever growing festival.  Since the early days of their humble beginnings at Hackley Park with a few local bands and a small core of people trying to keep some live music happening in Muskegon their mission has been to bring some entertainment, keep costs in check so anyone can come out and be a part of the scene and to incrementally grow as opportunity presents itself and budgets allow for it.  It's been organic growth from day one, no steps were ever taken for the group to bite off more than it could chew and as their ability to manage bigger and bigger festivals came to them the stage got bigger, the acts got bigger, but the small core of people who pull it off stayed basically the same.  Yes, it's really the same small group of people that started off on day 1 at Hackley Park now managing every aspect of the show at Heritage Landing. 

 This year, along with the three nights of headlining acts of Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, Saliva and Tantirc, Rockstock is bringing back the midway fun to Heritage Landing over the 4th of July Holiday Weekend.  There will also be a gigantic display of fireworks for the entire community to enjoy and of course, they work to keep the food, beverage and merchandise all under a decent price so everyone can feel like they are splurging when the reality is that they are getting a great night out for a very small price and hanging with friends and family at one of the greatest spots anywhere for a live show, the shore of Muskegon Lake.

Tickets will remain $10 a night for the shows and a multi day pass is your best value!  Brandon Baskin is the promoter of the event and we caught up over at the Norton Shores Branch of the Muskegon Area District Library to talk about the line up, the tickets and what we're all in for this Summer.  Take a listen.

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It's going to be a BIG few nights of fun and the work that's gone in.  It's also been a great pleasure to have watched a local group work so hard to grow a festival from a garage to the Main Stage at Heritage Landing.  It sticks to the Muskegon mantra of us doing things for ourselves.  Tickets are on sale for Rockstock and we're excited to see you at Heritage Landing in July!!  Let's all rock out and support the locals at Rockstock!!  Visit https://www.muskegonrockstock.com/ for more information.