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It's a rivalry that's 17 years and running in Muskegon and somewhere along the way, the wins and losses between area police and firefighters got lost.  No one really remembers who won what game in what year anymore.  So much for the "competition" between the teams I suppose.  Not that it really matters anyway, because Muskegon Guns and Hoses is about so much more than the hockey game played between the cops and firefighters, it's about camaraderie, coming together for a purpose and bringing community and families together for some awareness and a purpose! mkg guns and hosesFollow Muskegon Guns and Hoses on Facebook

April 13th is the date and the game is to be played at 6PM at Lakeshore Sports Center at 4470 Airline Road in Muskegon.  Our local first responders come together to battle it out on the ice, but the real battle goes on with the people they are out to raise money for.  Usually, it's for families with kids who have some pretty big needs.  One was a service dog in the past.  Others have some illness or disorder that people can barely pronounce let alone live with and the best part of all of this, and I'm not sure if you're aware of this...but once a family is adopted by this group...they don't let go.  They truly stick with the family like they are part of the team for as long as it takes.  It's a special bond that is extended from the police and fire people to the people they serve and it's truly amazing. 

This year, they are working to help 4 families out who have a range of needs from heart conditions to tumors and the stories of the people fighting the battles are simply put, amazing.  The work done by the Guns and Hoses group is simply to say, "We want to do our part" to try and make their situation a little easier.  You can meet the beneficiaries all on the Muskegon Guns and Hoses website which you'll find linked at the bottom of the page.

Of course, being a fundraising event, you'll find plenty of things at Lakeshore on the 13th.  Raffles, silent auctions, donation opportunities and even a chance to drop off food items to benefit Kids Food Basket.  It's turned into a HUGE community get together for a great cause and you don't want to miss it if you're a fan of hockey or helping out remarkable people! 

I met up with Lacey Koens and Chris Wilks who are the chairs of the event.  Take a listen to what to expect at Guns and Hoses 2019. 

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It's going to be a great night!  The event has grown by leaps and bounds and as Lacey and Chris talked, it's because of a good and caring community backing the first responders who put this together.  Visit https://www.muskegongunsandhoses.com and learn a little more about the families who they are playing for as well as the event itself, then, plan on a great night April 13th for a great cause!