The care of our rapidly growing older population is the goal of AgeWell Services.  They work hand in hand with multiple agencies in the Muskegon area to assure that needs are met including Meals on Wheels which for some of our senior citizens of Muskegon, Oceana and Ottawa Counties are the life giving access to healthy food and quite possibly that one visit from someone else to check up on those getting the meals that they get in a week.  We've talked all about the Meals on Wheels program before, it's essential service for those who have gone before us. 

Jodi was off on assignment last week.  Bouncing bac this week with a very unique visit for you with a highly specialized Animal Communicator named Grace Brown.  If you stop and think of the old song, "Talk to the Animals", well, that's the process Grace uses through the methods of Reiki, EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave and Theta Healing.  Wait?  What?  Hang on.  We'll explain.

In Muskegon, we've perfected the idea of putting some purpose behind what's considered fun and no matter the time of the year, blending the good times with adding to the assistance of those who work to improve the lives of others is always in fashion.  One of the groups behind a lot of the purposed based fun is JCI of Greater Muskegon and their decades of involvement of helping young professionals grow, network and learn how to better be a part of a vital and thriving community continues to be a driving force.

Dog Blessed is always on a mission to make sure that you have the knowledge and the resources to help you and your pet live your best life together.  This includes all aspects of that relationship including the very beginning of it, especially if you find your new forever friend in a shelter.  We all know that it's the best thing to do to help an animal out of a situation they never planned on being in, but there's more to a pet adoption than signing some papers, jumping in the car and heading home.  

We got the February show in the books on a Thusday night when the weather could have played a factor, but over all it didn't make a dent and outside of a new mic and a little switcheroo we needed to do, it was an amazing night of conversation and entertainment as people enjoyed the hand crafter cocktails at Burl and Sprig and the amazingly delicious food that Cajun Cuisine by the US Café provides.

As we gather the steam back we had and our contributors come back with all they had to offer, Marie Cisneros who's our Paranormal Muskegon reporter and author of Haunted Muskegon is back to offering her Astrological Forecast, Muskegon By the Stars.