Paranormal Muskegon recently met up with Earthwise Studio and Shop’s owner, Angel Coon at her new digs. Angel is the powerhouse behind Earthwise which recently opened up at this up and coming location. Angel is energetic, multitalented and has a great many interests. Besides being a business owner, she is an incredible professional photographer, event planner, artist, and intuitive card reader. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Angel for some time now and always inspired by her enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. Having had the opportunity to see her in action as an intuitive card reader, event, planner and artist, couldn’t wait to chat with her about the inspiration behind Earthwise.

To give you an idea of the goings on, one vendor will bring over 900 pounds of ribs for a days service at the 17th Annual Ribfest in Grand Haven at the VFW Post 2326 May 26th and 27th.  The fun gets underway on the 26th at 4p and the 27th at 11a with live music al day and night and the proceeds benefitting our area Veterans. 

When we first met Rob and Reyna Mathis, they were just getting going on an idea.  A new endeavor to help where help is needed called Citi Boi Corp.  The idea being that they would be the point where necessities could be found.  Food, clothing, shelter.  All of that is there.  They also went to work on helping people with things like referral services to agencies to help more, working on social justice to end racism through equity and inclusion and working to show that our differences are not all that different if we just stop and look at ourselves as humanity.  The idea grabbed hold, and it's time for Northside Summer Jams.

Take a whiff.  Scientists report that a dog's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human's. One of the reasons a dog has a much better smelling ability than we do has to do with the number of scent receptors: For every scent receptor a human has, a dog has about 50.  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is out with some of her scent work friends in Holland this week showing you how much fun it can be to interact with your dog in this discipline! 

We're crossing the Causeway....or...wait a minute....maybe they are crossing the Causeway?  The North Muskegon Choir is ready for their spring show and we're all in on a great weekend of entertainment at the Frauenthal this Friday and Saturday night.  Norse Beats is the production this year and to present the show on the grandest of stages in all of our area, it can be the only way! 



Norse Beats is a production of the entire school at North Muskegon.  Another really great thing about this production is how the students in choir work across the "age gap" to support one another in their endeavors and to help nurture the performance no matter the grade they are in.  At North Muskegon, with the Middle and High School in one building, it's an experience that's rather unique to the learning experience.  Where there's that cut off when a kid advances on, it's not quite as pronounced at North Muskegon and the retention of the kids in the building is a little easier as they navigate the teen years and work to find their calling.  In the choir, they are able to have the upperclassmen work with the newer kids as mentors and guides, and that was apparent in the rehearsal as the Choir instructor Beth Slimko reminded some of the younger kids that their older counterparts are not "bossing you around, they are helping guide you to what needs to be done".

The level of competition in Muskegon for the arts in schools is very healthy.  It's a good thing too.  A well rounded education includes so much more than reading, writing and arithmetic.  Yes, the basics are still the staples and the STEM education is taking up more and more of the time, but the creativity and use of expression are key in so many areas and the arts help foster that in young people.  Even if they are not destined to be in the limelight on a stage somewhere, someday, they will have the idea in their back pocket that at one point, they got up on a stage and sang, so maybe talking in front of a group won't be so bad.  It's a refined balance they are sneaking in on our students....and they are having fun doing it.

I met up with Riley McAvoy and Marilyn Gaston who are in the choir just before the rehearsal began at the Frau to learn a little more about how this program has enhanced their school career and we also hung around to give you a peek of the opening number, enjoy! 

TICKETS TICKETS TICKETS!  Get ya some and enjoy the performance this weekend Downtown Muskegon at the Frauenthal.  Our thanks to Beth Slimko for the invite out to hear about this years show.  

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Sighthounds, also known as gazehounds, are a group of canines unlike any other in the dog world. As their name would suggest, their sight is second to none. They rely on this superior vision and their extreme speed to hunt fast-moving animals such as rabbits and deer.  Jodi is going to spend a few weeks introducing us to different breeds of dogs so we can better learn how they are in a home setting.

Muskegon is in for a very special afternoon of music at St. Frances de Sales Church on April 23rd as Dr. Calvin Taylor will be coming to perform in their incredible space.  His mastery of the piano and organ is a world renown presence and to bring him to Muskegon to share his talents as well as spirit, it's a chance that you don't want to miss.

Marie Cisneros is back with your Astrological forecast for the month of April.  Along with Paranormal Muskegon, her book "Haunted Muskegon" and her next book being written now, Marie enjoys the challenge of reading the Zodiac and presents it here monthly.  Take a listen and see what may be held for you!



April Showers are bringing May Flowers and we are bringing you Part two of Capricorn in Pisces.

To recap: On March 7th, Capricorn moved into Pisces to usher in one of the biggest astrological shifts in 27 years and will continue to bring its potential for profound changes into our lives until 2026.
Here’s what it that mean for the signs:

ARIES: Saturn will shift into your 12th house of karma, seclusion and self-analysis. Now is the time to observe and understand what you have accomplished or failed to accomplish. As elements of your life begin to pass away; it is important take time to withdraw into oneself to get in tune with these changes

TAURUS During this time, Saturn will in your 11th house of friends, groups, hopes & dreams. This may be a time of forming new alliances or groups or setting boundaries within established ones. Responsibilities within these areas may cause some extra work but Saturn will bring about success if you have planned well.

GEMINI For you, this transit will bring focus to your 10th house of career and public image. This has the capacity to bring increased responsibilities and need for structure but also has the potential for bringing the realization of your dreams. You may have to work hard but it will pay off in the long run.

CANCER With Saturn in your 9th house of spirituality and idealism, your views on life become crystalized. You may find yourself interested in subjects relating to higher consciousness; metaphysics or religion. Just don’t become so set in your ways that you aren’t open to new information and discoveries.

LEO Saturn is in your 8th house of shared resources, inheritances, and emotional unions. This will be a time of implementing structure and boundaries where there are none; both as it relates to your finances as well as your relationships.

VIRGO Saturn will be in your 7th house of romantic relationships and partnerships. Its energy can mean either the start of a long-term, serious relationship, or the end of one. It may also prompt you to set new boundaries or limitations in relationships; which may bring feelings of isolation.

LIBRA This transit has the capacity to bring organization and responsibilities in the 6th house of daily work, service and routine. While going with the flow has worked before; this transit will bring the urge to establish more structure to daily routines. This energy will also apply to your health and wellbeing.

SCORPIO With this transit in your 5th house of pleasure, the urge to be more structured and responsible will affect your creative interests and romance. You may experience an increased level of responsibility and desire for boundaries in your creative pursuits and passions.

SAGITTARIUS Your 4th house of home is empathized with this transit, bringing its potential for increased responsibility as it concerns home or family. It may have you working to focus on building better foundations and boundaries; both within the family dynamics or the physical home.

CAPRICORN In your 3rd house of communication, this transit may bring structure and boundaries by giving substance to ideas and concepts, bringing a solidifying energy and form to them. This may be a good time to start that podcast, or that book you’ve been thinking of writing.

AQUARIUS Now that this transit has left your house of self, the pressure you’ve been under related to self-expression is lessening. You can now stabilize your 2nd house of resources, money, and possessions. It has the potential to bring your hopes and dreams to fruition especially where it concerns your pocketbook.

 PISCES With this transit entering into your 1st house of self, it has the potential to affect you more than the other signs, bringing with it increased personal responsibility as well as the capacity to change the way you express yourself to others. If you’ve failed to buckle down in any way towards reaching your goals; this transit should allow you to reach your objectives.

Well there you have it folks. Be sure to check out May’s forecast where I will be focusing on another major shift: Pisces in Aquarius. This one is going to be a doozy too! Until then: Please Remember…”The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.”

I will be at the Battle of the Zodiacs, Earthwise Studio and Shop, 1141 3rd Street, Muskegon, Michigan this Saturday from 7-11 doing my first live event. This is hosted by Angel Coon, of Earthwise; whom I will be interviewing later on this month for Paranormal Muskegon. There will be live music, prizes for best zodiac costume and fun. Tickets are $15 and $20 at the door. Stop on in for your own personal astrology reading!
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