There's an exciting announcement this week!  Our dear friend Olaf has been bitten by the acting bug and is on his way to the stage at Muskegon Catholic Central to star as "Sandy" in the upcoming production of "Annie".  The buzz from media outlets like Entertainment Tonight and TMZ so far has been incredible and as the opening date draws closer, Muskegon will certainly see an uptick in please take not that there might be camera's, satellite trucks and maybe even an appearance by Ryan Seacrest.

Bringing a group together 16 or so years ago based on the idea that inclusion means everyone.  A daughter who wondered why she didn't have sleepovers like the rest of the kids in the family sparked the idea in Cyndi Blair that the kid was right, "why doesn't she get to do the same thing other kids do?"  As old as the story is, there's no stopping a mom on a mission.  Getting a few friends together for sports events became a regular thing and then came the miracles.  These kids began to interact with peers their age with more "normal" ability levels and the idea of "No More Sidelines" shattered all thoughts on what barriers meant.

There's a minute or two of history and shared stories about to happen.  Jeff Brinn is an amazing accomplished photographer who I go back with to almost the beginning of my career.  Jeff and I have been in places that most don't get to be a part of and through our work have shared some times that we've expressed in different ways over the years.  I try to share the stories, and honestly, it's getting harder to do.  All that's hard to talk about without sounding like a name dropper or braggart.  I really struggle.  Jeff on the other hand, was behind the camera and of all those experiences, he's got the photo proof and he's opening it to the public for the first time March 8th at the Doo Gallery!

If you are a responsible pet owner, we're going to assume you knew it was "Responsible Pet Owners Month".  If you are a responsible pet owner who didn't know it's "Responsible Pet Owners Month" well, that will cost you a couple of treats...and we mean the good ones, like Jodi talks about and gives Olaf all the time.  How about some great practical advice that you my not otherwise think of this week on Dog Blessed?  Brought to you by Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets. 

Right out of the stating blocks this week, you are going to be rewarded by being a pet owner!  Congratulations on that!  Jodi comes right out with some cold hard facts about you and your pet, especially if it's a dog, and just how that relationship is paying off incredibly already just by you being together!  There are also more incredible tips on how you and your pet can extend that symbiotic wellness relationship this week!

As if we didn't have enough to buy greetings cards for, we now have National Pet Dental Helath Month.  Ok, it might be a Hallmark Holiday, however Jodi is here this week to explain the necessity of proper dental care for your pet as well as dispell some common misconceptions as to what is really an effective treatment for cleaning those choppers, here we go! 

Well, the groundhog has come and gone and he's predicted an early spring.  However, with the exception of Kolton Woods who does Muskegon Channel's weather, have you ever met a forecaster that was right?  Us either. Jodi is here this week with some awesome tips and ideas that you can use to help your dogs out in the winter months, which could very well go into April....because, Michigan.....we're sure you get it.

The Bling Thing!  Imagine a community so smart, so inventive and so focused on the idea of making things happen in their own community that even old jewelry can become a fundraiser for some of the most essential things any community hold dear?  Well, Muskegon has figured out how to do it and the Friends of the Hackley Library hosts the sale at the Barclay Place Events Center February 9th and 10th. 

Empathy.  You got some?  We all do.  Some are practiced at it and others might not know what to call it when it comes out, but it does and it's then that they see a little more in themselves.  Empathy is defined as being able to share and understand the feelings of others.  Jodi show you this week that empathy isn't exclusive to us human types.

When Tammy Cunningham isn't busy being a career woman, mom, wife, BFF to half the city and working in the modeling industry, she decided that it would be a great way for her to advocate on behalf of her personal experience with fostering and adoption.  What's wrong with adding one more little thing right?  She's got a lot going on already, but like anyone who's beliefs are so deep about her passions, she's willing to go to the mat because from her experience, the life changing difference that can be made through fostering and's more than just the kids who are the beneficiaries.  It's families, and it's entire communities. 

Let's say you have a dog.  Chances are, if you are watching this, you do.  Let's say too that getting a response out of your dog isn't always what you had hoped for.  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian has some ideas this week on Dog Blessed that will help you along that road to living the best life possible with your pet, and in the process, your pet won't even know that they are in "Dog Blessed University." 

Whether you felt it was good, bad, or a mix; 2023 is said and done and 2024 is just getting started and with it brings a new focus and energy. Generally, at this time there is good potential for positive energy, enabling greater self-expression, ability to better explore our own creative potential as well as an increased sense of well-being. The will to be who we really are comes into focus now leading to new levels of vitality and wisdom. It is prime time for slow, steady progress towards far-reaching goals, although we may feel a bit frustrated over what seems to be a slow process and it is a great time to make plans for the future, as these will be realistic and workable.