Jodi and her BFF Paula Smith are back together this week for another 1-2 punch on pet health and happy lives!  They are the dynamic duo that make up Dog Blessed and the goal is as simple as it can be.  Combine talents, knowledge and resources to help people and pets live their best lives together.

Since our beginning, the mission has been to share the narrative of Muskegon in our own words.  Trusting our story to anyone other than those who live here isn't in the best interest of us all.  We are a unique, diverse and genuinely great community that needs the same or more attention shared about what's happening as we grow.

If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet, chances are it’s the sound of a little tyke or fur-baby scampering around the house; except if you’re in a haunted house. Then it could very well be a ghost dog chasing a specter ball or some other spooky shenanigans going on. This is what Jennifer Millering encountered when she and her husband, Matt, went ghost-hunting recently. Jennifer is an amateur ghost-hunter who says she loves learning about the unknown and going on adventures to haunted places. I met Jennifer a few months back at a “Haunted Muskegon” book signing. We got to chatting and Jen related that she has had some pretty spooky experiences while ghost-hunting. We love ghost stories here at Paranormal Muskegon, so of course we asked her to share them with us.

Welcome to an episode of Dog Blessed that we'd rather not have to do. Jodi is here this week to talk about a serious, and scary issue for any pet owner heartworm. Her pal Olaf has to deal with this parasitic foot long creepy thing that lives in the heart and lungs of the host animals it infects and if left untreated, well....

The holidays have come and gone.  Even the stuff you didn't want is all back where it came from or, maybe it's on a palate wanting for Fred at BGRH Liquidators.  We're not quite ready to jump into Muskegon Lake for Special Olympics yet and Saint Patrick's Day seems like a million years away.  Someone, somewhere....come up with something....QUICK!

We're pretty fortunate to have some connections in and around the country and one of them came with Sara Martinez who does some voice work for us introducing us to Katie Leigh.  Katie is a voice over artist and actor and while the name might not quite jump out at you, well...everything else will quickly.

With the fun of the holidays getting into full swing, it's time to stop and think it over a little about those furry critters that keep us warm at night and light up our lives.  They like to party too and with all the fun of everyone coming over and maybe an extra treat here or there.  We have to remember tho, all of this fun can lead to some unexpected results if you don't plan ahead and use some precaution.  Jodi is full of ideas and experience to share with you this week when it comes to the safety and fun you need with pets over the holidays! 

On December 15th 2022 we celebrated the 81st commissioning anniversary of the USS Silversides SS-236 World War II Submarine at its retirement home at the Silversides Submarine Museum in Muskegon, Michigan. History were shared, it's horn was sounded and the engines were started to celebrate the special occasion.

Community Choice Credit Union is the place in town known for giving big.  The 1000 plus back to school backpack giveaways should be more than enough for any community, but...they don't stop there.  In Muskegon and all over the State of Michigan, Community Choice Credit Union focuses on interaction with the people and the causes that mean something to them as their marketing push instead of TV ads every 30 seconds.  "Find the helpers" is a good rule of thumb in any community and Community Choice Credit Union helps with $5000 scholarships, donations to Every Woman's Place, Child Abuse Council, buying supplies for area teachers and of course, the community days at the member centers!

If you were to type in the word “Tarot” into your search bar; I imagine you would find a million websites devoted to them; how to read them, what they are; their history, and why one should steer clear of them. Needless to say, they have garnered a lot of interest on both sides of the spectrum. They certainly captured my interest from a young age; and one of my earliest forays into the world of the mysteries was an interest in Tarot.