The Muskegon County Sheriff Dive Team was at their annual underwater pumpkin carving event at the U.S.S. Silversides Submarine Museum. In the following video you will find out who they are, what kind of equipment they use including their side scan sonar remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), and finally underwater pumpkin carving with stories and narratives from Diver John Achterhoff. Find out the winning pumpkin design at the end.

Muskegon has a lot of fun things to do all year around but this time of year is especially exciting; because October starts it all off the Halloween and harvest festivities with spook houses, parties; costumes; and of course that staple of the season: Pumpkin Spice. (best served in pie). This year Muskegon is pulling out all the stops with three spookacular new Halloween events jam-packed into one on Saturday, October 29; with a car show, Trunk or Treat and Zombie (pig) Roast.

Hospice can be a frightening word.  End of life can be a frightening thought.  Harbor Hospice has a philosophy.  From their website - "Our goal focuses on the individual’s end-of-life journey — Your Journey on Your Terms –and support for the patient’s family. Harbor Hospice is uniquely qualified to focus on pain control and symptom management for terminally ill people at home or in a home-like setting — it‛s Our Expertise."  Simply put, now one is in pain.  No one is alone and no one has anything but the most comfort and dignity possible.  Those are the quiet moments you don't get to see until Harbor Hospice is needed.

After an amazing weekend of fun and companionship at the Winston Speedway last week with Pumpkins and Paws going on and the beginnings of what could very well become a new fall staple in the area now in the rear view mirror until newt year, it's time to get back to the business of making sure that you and your dog are living your best lives together and that's what Jodi Jarvis-Therrian and Dog Blessed is all about here on the Muskegon Channel.

How would you like one ticket to be a part of all of there is to see and do when it comes to arts and culture in Muskegon County?  Oh, great....$5 Day at the museum?  Not hardly.  In Muskegon, on October 15th, it's going to all be open.  The Lakeshore Museum Center locations, Downtown Muskegon, the White Lake Area, Muskegon Heights, and Muskegon Heights, The Frauenthal....on and on.  You have all day to literally cram it all in for $5!!  GO!

Welcome back to another episode of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian on the the Muskegon Channel, brought to you by Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven.  It's our weekly feature where we let Jodi share her vast wealth of knowledge with you to help you and your pet share the best life possible together.  Some weeks it's just plain fun, others it's practical advice that makes you stop and think "Oh ya, I should have thought of that" while others, it's a peek into some deep know how when it comes to pet care!  This would be one of those deep know how weeks.

Watch the September edition of Muskegon Tonight Live - a local talk show for the local people, hosted by Andy O'Riley and Jeremy DeWitt in front of audience at Burl and Sprig Cocktail Bar.

If you round the corner at the bottom of the hill in North Muskegon, tucked away right there in the channel is a staple of the Muskegon area. The Bear Lake Tavern (BLT) sits stoically as it has for years welcoming friends and neighbors with the warmth and charm of it's classic surroundings.  Over the last few years it's had a handful of owners,  distinct in their experience in the restaurant business and all equally passionate about making sure the Muskegon landmark and destination dining space remain open for all to enjoy.

It's a legendary evening for a cause like no other and in 2022 the purpose couldn't be more important.  Every Woman's Place of Muskegon will be hosting the annual Power of the Purse event at the Barclay Place Event Center on October 13th and the evening of fundraising and awareness about domestic and sexual assault will be headlined by prominent community members doing a runway show featuring luxury purses up for auction with the proceeds going to help the work that Every Woman's Place does for survivors and there's a special mission this year to focus on a SANE Unit.