It's a legendary evening for a cause like no other and in 2022 the purpose couldn't be more important.  Every Woman's Place of Muskegon will be hosting the annual Power of the Purse event at the Barclay Place Event Center on October 13th and the evening of fundraising and awareness about domestic and sexual assault will be headlined by prominent community members doing a runway show featuring luxury purses up for auction with the proceeds going to help the work that Every Woman's Place does for survivors and there's a special mission this year to focus on a SANE Unit.

Paranormal Muskegon is back! And what better way to begin than with a ghost-hunting lesson? There are quite a few places around that we could have went ghost-hunting in; but there is no better place to look for ghosts than Nunica Cemetery; one the most haunted places in Michigan. It has long been rumored to be haunted by a variety of spirits and there are countless stories of ghosts from both visitors to the area as well as investigators.

As a crisp air settles in over the area, it's time to break out the flannels and pumpkin spice everything will be everywhere soon too.  It's a fun time for pets too and as we start thinking about hibernation, Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is thinking about ways to keep you and your pet occupied this fall with some fun treats and activities.  It could be some tasty treats she's suggesting or even some fun ways to make some crafts with your pets around the house....but there's a little more to this show too.

It's time to get those taste buds jumpin' on a new episode of Soul Filled with LaKisha Harris from Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services.  What began as a coincidental meeting while she was making a dish for the Taste of Muskegon festival while it was "virtual" during the pandemic has turned into LaKisha being a regular member of the Muskegon Channel as a contributor and more over, she's made herself a staple in the Muskegon Community as well as the culinary community helping to bring the favorite dishes of other Chef's to the show and share the spotlight with them.

Labor Day comes and goes and while the idea of Party in the Park gets mothballed, the ice does get put down in the hockey barns around town and the deep chill of the winter sets in indoors for those who are ready for some action in Hockeytown West.  Grabbing one of the very first spotlights this year are the Grand Rapids Sledwings who are coming to town on September 18th for a game that will show you that hockey is "every BODY's game."

It was earlier this week when one of our readers named Dee Saville made a comment on a silly video Andy took on a mini bike showing off a newly paved road up near Crocker Lake on 120 in beautiful Cedar Creek Township.  Dee had commented that it was nice to see a road not on the MATS route as that is her way around town and it kinda sparked an idea.  Maybe just this once we'd make it as simple as possible and let anyone enjoy something pretty spectacular any old time they like.

Dogs sometimes eat poop.  Blucch.  Most have seen it.  Some have had a smooch from Fido right after the occurrence and found themselves a little shocked by what's taken place, some meaning our host Jodi.  To us human kinds, there's not much more disgusting than waste.  The dog however has some reasons for this practice and Jodi is going to outline them for you this week on Dog Blessed.

Just earlier today, I got a message on Facebook asking me what brought about the demise of the once seemingly endless beer tents we had here once upon a time.  I had actually just left taping at Roosevelt Park City Hall talking about Roosevelt Park Day which if you recall, was easily one of the biggest beer tents anywhere.  It was so big they had a charity casino goin on in there with more blackjack tables open that you'll find on an early Saturday afternoon at a casino. I was there.  I had my 15 empty cups of beer stacked up as bragging rights.  But like so many others...time passed and it kinda just fizzled.  

Dr. Suess has been an icon of growing up since as long back as I can remember.  Theodore Geisel wrote under the pen name and brought literacy to millions with his rhythmic prose and his approach to the world of fantasy and imagination like no other.  Opening our minds to the idea that "woozles" and "wuzzles" were real and that cats in hats made magic and that Sam I am ate Green eggs and ham!  We all pretty much owe a memory or two to Dr. Seuss.

Cars for Cancer returns to the Lakes Mall this weekend and it's an event unmatched in the area for it's draw, it's purpose and the amount of growth we've seen since it began.  The Different Strokes Car Club got to work a few years ago on a Labor Day Weekend event that would become a stable for not only car lovers from all over Michigan, but also a major fund raiser for the Johnson Family Center for Cancer Care at Trinity Health in Muskegon which most, if not all of us will have some kind of contact with at one point or another.  Cancer is awful.  There's no other way of looking at it.

It was a fun month of working with Yodels Frozen Yogurt in Roosevelt Park and North Muskegon to help them grow their texting program a little and….it would seem that it worked! At the beginning of August we met up with Nic Tong at the Roosevelt Park location to announce the drive, talk a little about the shops and what they offer. From there, we dropped the number and the texting began! It was about a 25% increase in his reach over the month and today, we dropped into the Roosevelt Park shop to make a years worth of Fro-Yo come true…..take a listen!