The official highlight / shortened version of final night in Miss Michigan 2022 from us at the Muskegon Channel for you to witness amazing women from our state. Previously Pay-Per-View live.

As the world reawakens to "normal" getting back up to speed over all we've been through the last couple of years is a learning curve for everyone.  Especially when what you were working to build was only in it's infancy when the gears ground to a halt.  This was the case with Court Yard Concerts in Grand Haven.

It was a spectacular day for a ride out to the rich farm country we have here in Muskegon county.  Served a dual purpose as well.  For a guy who grew up in Sparta, there's a few key times a year that you need to head east to check on a few things.  Apple blossoms in the Spring are a must....."Knee high by the 4th of July" is still something that's looked at every single corn filed that's passed and as the summer turns in to fall, the ride down Sternberg road through Ottawa and into Kent County is a kaleidoscope of color.  

It's time to dress it up a little around here.  LaKisha Harris with Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services is back and brings friends as she's knows for.  This time, it's pinky's up as Jillian Rucker joins LaKisha in the Soul Filled Kitchen for a little taste of the upper crust....or, well...wait a minute, they cut the crusts off.  It's time to enjoy High Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches!

Last week, we began approaching the upcoming 4th of July holiday with some thoughts Jodi has on helping your pet cope with the loud noises that pop up at this time of the year.  Like most of her advice, it all begins with positive reinforcement, not being an alarmist yourself and preparing your pet in advance when there's any kind of loud noise that it's not a threat to them.  Practical, simple and pretty easy to implement.  

The Summer of coming back to life is coming on stronger.  If your cup hasn't been filled just yet with the absoultely staggering amount of activity in Muskegon or maybe the offerings have not quite hit what pleases your palate when it comes to what to do, well maybe Wednesday nights at Heritage Landing will be what gets you out and about and enjoying the sounds of the West Michigan Concert Winds as the prepare for their month of FREE shows at Heritage Landing.

Muskegon Heights is a town in Muskegon County, Michigan. For decades, the town is often portrayed negatively by many with unfair stereotype of its community members. This is their take on their stories in their own words. Tiger Pride - Continuing The Legacy, a 2022 documentary film about Muskegon Heights, watch the full movie here.

It's that time of year.  Well, there are those times a year where fireworks are allowed in the State of Michigan and local municipalities get the final word on when they are permitted and wat times they are allowed, but time is really not much of a factor to the four legged friends we have around, so...all the rules and regulations and what not, they don't do much to quell the fear that some pets find when really loud noises start happening around them.

With Taste of Muskegon now being a fond memory and clothes that are a little more tight fitting after consuming the amazing tastes offered, it's back to business at Hackley Park this Friday night for our weekly gathering Party in the Park.  You know the one....the fundraiser that's disguised as a community gathering/ concert/ picnic/ place for kids to play/ car show...... you get the idea right?  It's where we go. 

Last week we featured some thoughts about CBD for your pets from the CBD Store of Michigan and the focus this week is sticking with older pets and some best practices for their care.  Jodi has Paula Smith back, her partner in the Dog Blessed program they run.  Paula brought her beloved Pepper who's a semi retired competitive dog.  Semi retired meaning that although a little older, that spirit within is still that of a champion and in the twilight years, finding ways to make sure that mind, body and spirit are still stimulated, well....that's what this weeks episode is all about.

It's like this.  The Summer of 2022 was shot out of a cannon.  There's no other way of looking at it.  We kinda crept back a little last year with the brief respite from the problems we all faced and, ya 2021's summer wasn't a total loss when it comes to growth, fun and new in Muskegon....but if you've set foot outside a door this year so far, you have seen first hand that all the years of blood, sweat and tears have come ROARING to life in this lil ole town we call home and if you can't find something to do...the problem lies within.  Muskegon, is firing on all cylinders and the pedal is to the floor!