There's one thing that Jodi loves more than being with her dog.  She loves being with other dog owners and their dogs and helping them live their best lives.  Kind of the idea of having Dog Blessed LLC and now the Dog Blessed TV show on the Muskegon Channel.  With that, Jodi and her circle have been working to find ways to being pets, pet owners and those who help foster those relationships together in a big way and she's on to it in October at Winston Speedway in Rothbury with the Pumpkins and Paws event with the Muskegon Humane Society!

The Dog Days of Summer.  Sorry.  Had to open this one with a pun.  It is the stretch of the year though when we think about all things cool in Michigan.  The water parks all fill up.  The splash pads are splashing, lakes are being played in and rivers floated down.  We're northerners and heat is best taken in small amounts for most.  Pets need to keep cool too!

We're back in the kitchen of the Soul Filled Private Chef and Catering Services with LaKisha Harris and this week she's flying solo with summertime favorites that you don't even have to worry about keeping on a stick because they are going to be deconstructed anyway.  We're talking kabobs and if messing around with the sticks isn't your thing, this is your episode.

Party in the Park is back after a couple weeks making room for the Lakeshore Art Festival as well as the DMF event.  We're really getting the hang of opening things up to others who might want to drop in and say hi and see what's going on, but keeping up the traditions the locals like is important too and there's no place better than Hackley Park to gather up, put one down and enjoy the comradery of friends and neighbors while enjoying the serene setting of our "Central Park".  Party in the Park is free to get in, it's an all ages event and the fun gets underway at 5p on Friday!  

The official highlight / shortened version of final night in Miss Michigan 2022 from us at the Muskegon Channel for you to witness amazing women from our state. Previously Pay-Per-View live.

As the world reawakens to "normal" getting back up to speed over all we've been through the last couple of years is a learning curve for everyone.  Especially when what you were working to build was only in it's infancy when the gears ground to a halt.  This was the case with Court Yard Concerts in Grand Haven.

It was a spectacular day for a ride out to the rich farm country we have here in Muskegon county.  Served a dual purpose as well.  For a guy who grew up in Sparta, there's a few key times a year that you need to head east to check on a few things.  Apple blossoms in the Spring are a must....."Knee high by the 4th of July" is still something that's looked at every single corn filed that's passed and as the summer turns in to fall, the ride down Sternberg road through Ottawa and into Kent County is a kaleidoscope of color.  

It's time to dress it up a little around here.  LaKisha Harris with Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services is back and brings friends as she's knows for.  This time, it's pinky's up as Jillian Rucker joins LaKisha in the Soul Filled Kitchen for a little taste of the upper crust....or, well...wait a minute, they cut the crusts off.  It's time to enjoy High Tea and Cucumber Sandwiches!