Last week we featured some thoughts about CBD for your pets from the CBD Store of Michigan and the focus this week is sticking with older pets and some best practices for their care.  Jodi has Paula Smith back, her partner in the Dog Blessed program they run.  Paula brought her beloved Pepper who's a semi retired competitive dog.  Semi retired meaning that although a little older, that spirit within is still that of a champion and in the twilight years, finding ways to make sure that mind, body and spirit are still stimulated, well....that's what this weeks episode is all about.

It's like this.  The Summer of 2022 was shot out of a cannon.  There's no other way of looking at it.  We kinda crept back a little last year with the brief respite from the problems we all faced and, ya 2021's summer wasn't a total loss when it comes to growth, fun and new in Muskegon....but if you've set foot outside a door this year so far, you have seen first hand that all the years of blood, sweat and tears have come ROARING to life in this lil ole town we call home and if you can't find something to do...the problem lies within.  Muskegon, is firing on all cylinders and the pedal is to the floor!

Look who's back and bringing the Soul Filled heat in the kitchen?  LaKisha Harris found a few minutes to bring all of the deliciousness she and her friends know all there is to know about to you and when the word got to us she had 5 minutes to tape....we went running with the camera!  Let's be honest, anytime LaKisha is cooking and there's "product" after the taping...who better to have on hand?

Marisela and Felix Sierra took a plunge a little over a year or so ago to keep a long time family business in Muskegon open.  Navarro's had been where Marisela grew up working with her family most of her life and as she grew, she ventured out into the "working world" to learn and grow.  As time marches on, it came down to the family business closing for good or, someone stepping up to take over.  Deep thought....long conversations, belief, faith and teamwork told the couple that it was up to them to continue the family legacy.  Navarro's re-opened to an amazing reception and is working to grow in both what they serve at their take out location just off Sherman in Muskegon Heights as well as their offerings for quick serve ready to eat meals that you can take home.  To have watched the reemergence of this business fueled by such an incredible young family has been a joy!

If you blink, you're going to miss it.  The Summer of 2022 that is.  If the immersion of all things Muskegon hasn't hit you just yet, it will.  If it doesn't hit you....the problem lies within because the efforts of so many, for so long have gotten us to a place that was seemingly unimaginable 20 years ago.  Where we used to have 2 or 3 events a year, we've grown in to 4 or 5 major events and the number of new up and coming events is literally breathtaking.  For our purposes today however...we're talking about one of the enduring staples that Muskegon got rolling a minute ago.  BIKE TIME!

It's a big week here on Dog Blessed with Jodi-Jarvis Therrian on the Muskegon Channel.  Not only are you getting to meet the other half of Dog Blessed, Paula Smith who's going to be sharing her insight and knowledge about aging pets and arthritis, we're taping with Rod Glupker of The CBD Store of Michigan who's located in Fremont and he's got a wealth of knowledge on how CBD works to help pets with mobility so they can live their best lives as they age.

The idea that Western Avenue is more than another street is really, really digging in.  The reality is, as we've evolved the Downtown Muskegon footprint, subtly and surely, Western Avenue is becoming more and more of a pedestrian destination than it is a traffic necessity.  Now, before you go getting in a panic or anything, let's just say that their are no road closures or diets planned, however....the side walks are getting a little wider, the stops are much easier to enjoy while strolling along and with the addition of residential as well as some commercial, retail and dining in the area, the walkable community is becoming a reality.

Wanting to include your pet in what you enjoy is part of the fun.  We all love to pull up next to a dog in a window at a stop light, quite honestly, it's a relief to see someone not picking their nose at one once in a while.  Getting a pet in on the action however can take a minute especially when it comes to some of the more thing we do that a pet would find completely foreign until they get the vibe.

Whew!  What a night it was to get back out and do a live show again after sitting in a padded room for 2 years trying to be entertaining and informative while managing to worry about a pandemic for self, family and an entire community.  Like anyone else we got sacked on a lot of doing what we love and especially hit hard on getting out to be a part of the events and places that all mean so much to everyone around town.  We were VERY fortunate to have all of the tools and technology in place for a couple of key things.  One, the home studio helped in our messaging around the pandemic.  No, it was nothing anyone WANTED to hear, but..not every job is filled with rainbows and unicorns.  Sometimes the work requires swallowing a bitter pill.  We did.  The second moment of "victory" for us?  Quite humbly, before the pandemic hit, we had built our company up to the point where all of our equipment and technology used to live stream the fun stuff around town, all got parked at the Public Health Muskegon County Office and came with our word that if needed, 15 minutes notice would have someone there to get County Officials or Medical Professionals on TV and online live.  We couldn't entertain, but we had what was needed to inform and we were blessed to fill that role.

We're very fortunate to have the neighbors we do and that just south of us, Grand Haven is set to get their summer back in the swing of things in full force with the help of Seven Steps Up and the non profit they founded called Courtyard Concerts.  The idea being that with the intimate setting of the Seven Steps Up club and their desire to provide not only the listening room experience, but music on a much broader scale as well.  As they grew with their offerings of the concerts outside and Grand Haven opened the stunningly beautiful Lynne Sherwood Stadium along the channel, it was pretty clear that the partnership was inevitable and that bigger things were coming to Grand Haven musically.  2019 it all kicked off with a great series of concerts, and then the unspeakable.  You know all too well what came next.

The Summer Sessions Concert Series.  Oh, the YEAR of fun we had with that until the world got slammed with a shut down order.  Wait.  The Summer Sessions Concert Series?  The YEAR of fun?  Feeling like you're missing something?  Trust me, you're not the only one missing something.  Let's rewind a minute.  

Jodi Jarvis-Theriran is back and this week on Dog Blessed she's our where she's most at home.  She's on the lake with her trusty companion Olaf and with the warmer temps in the lakes and the area back yard swimming pools opening up, what better time to talk about safety tips around water?