One of our fundamental values at the Muskegon Channel is to watch people grow.  It's inside of all of our work as a team as well as those we have come across here in town who've had a dream and wanted to go a little further with it.  If they are an author, a performer, a photographer or creator, seeing the progression of their careers has been incredible and when they make a jump, and think to include us as part of the next big step, it's an honor of the highest degree.  This is the case with Ricarlo Winston who we met a few years ago at the Back Alley Comedy Club.

Easter is right around the corner.  Easter is a sure sign of Spring and there may be some treats involved if you celebrate with friends and family.  As we've talked in the past on Dog Blesses, pets are part of the family and if everyone is enjoying a treat, well, they shouldn't be left out is the thought.  Problem is, a lot of people treats don't translate well in to pet treats, so whaddya do? 

Every corner of the county is where you'll find a group of friends and neighbors that pull together when the need is there.  One of the things that we are so very fortunate to have here is the ability to draw together to meet a need no matter which neighborhood we live in.  One of the things that I am personally very fortunate to be a part of is sharing those efforts through our work here.  This particular event hits pretty close to home, literally.

Back in January, along came a note from Ken Lapere asking about a show he was putting together to honor Neil Diamond and if I thought that it would play in Muskegon and if the Frauenthal was feesable.  In the back of my mind, with all we've been though over the last couple of years, I had some pretty big question marks floating around in my head, especially when it comes to tickets and events, because who knew where we'd be dealing with the pandemic at that point, but Ken seemed determined, so we'll pitch in.

The last day of the event took its course over eight hours, while we were there to cover all of it, here we have trimmed out all of the excess and timeouts, now includes local area teams interviews, qualification highlights, the complete playoff, district final, and the award ceremony. We added extra camera angles and other improvements, also where you can see the faces of every award recipients.

Jodi Jarvis - Therrian is back with a second round of discussion on researching the type of dog that will best suit you and your families needs.  This is an incredible way to learn more about adding a pet to your home and some very valuable knowledge when it comes to making informed decisions based on knowing what breeds of dogs need and what people's busy schedules can accommodate. 

It's been a long and amazing relationship we've shared with No More Sidelines which was founded here in Muskegon 14-15 years ago.  Why 14 or 15?  Well, it's so easy to get lost in the small details when what you become a part of is so important and so life changing not only for an individual, but for a community who's been shown that different, isn't always something scary and that commonality is a lot closer than most think, if we just open up ourselves to try.

Would you trust your dog with finger paints?  Wait....before you answer that, this is a show about pet lovers and you may or may not have answered yes.  Your call.  People are crazy about their pets, none more than Jodi Jarvis-Therrian who's a partner in Dog Blessed LLC and this week, she's showing another side of herself along with the love of pets that will not only be a fun way to do something a little different with your pet but a way to preserve a memory of your pet for a lifetime. 

We're in a small enough community that we get to know people over the years and like anyone, we have time together and time also pulls us apart some.  Back in about 2005 I was ready to move into a little more permanent place to call home and found a condo in Roosevelt Park that was a great first step away from apartment life and one key thing about that was that it had a basement in it so I could build a little studio, do some "side work" that turned into my actual living, and with that new home came 20 exceptional neighbors who were all welcoming and wonderful.  Neighbors being neighbors, cordial, friendly and helpful, but you never really know what's going on, right?

Jodi Jarvis-Therrian is back with her increasingly popular Dog Blessed segment this week on the Muskegon Channel!  Jodi is a certified dog trainer through CPDT-KA CTDI and her primary goal with her partner in her training business is simple, "helping dogs live their best lives."  Part of helping dogs do just that, is helping dog owners understand more and manage pet ownership better through their work and advocacy.  

It's time for a drop in with Chef LaKisha Harris from Soul Filled Catering and Private Chef Services!  Mouthwatering?  To say the least!  Adventurous dining?  Always!  The ability to share her even growing presence and ability to help others?  Absolutely paramount!  When we began with LaKisha it was with the idea in mind that adding some excitement, culture and fun to our offerings was a good idea.  We were blessed to find one of the most genuine leaders in Muskegon who not only walks the walk, she brings people together and lifts up all through her work.  We found a miracle on a newer level with LaKisha!

We're back for the thrid installment of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian on the Muskegon Channel.  Jodi is a certified dog trainer and operates Dog Blessed with her partner Paula Smith and their goal is simple.  Giving dogs their best life and with that, the owners of those dogs their best lives too with their canine friends.