Some may know Dana Precious from her most recent endeavor in Downtown Muskegon where she's the proprietor at the ultra cool and very much needed Boomtown Market.  Others may know her from her families time owning and operating the Port City Princess which is now known as the Aquastar.  Some are long enough friends with her to remember her back from school and others, well, they might not know the name Dana Precious at all.  She's all Muskegon from day 1, but upon her graduating from Michigan State, like so many others, adventure called and off to California she went where ultimately, she worked in the entertainment industry helping promote film and television.  She worked on some big movies, hob knobbed with some of the "big shooters" and lived the dream.  It was a completely different adventure for sure, but like so many others too, Muskegon calls and it's time to come home.

There's a superhero in all of us.  We all have the capacity to care about a cause or a mission that deeply touches us for one reason or another.  We don't often stop and think about it, but give yourself a moment of pause.  What is it to you?  Is it your desire to beat cancer?  Maybe to be a champion for shelter animals?  How about your kids?  You'd surely run in to a burning house for them!  Thus YOU too are a superhero!

We've long partnered with Fresh Ghost Comedy.  Our relationship began when Ricarlo Williams Winston was running the Back Alley Comedy Club at Sherman Lanes and we'd drop in to talk about the comics coming up and meet up with some of the biggest names in touring comedy.  It was an awesome thing we had going and then....well, $50 bucks says you can fill in the blank.  The pandemic hit and everything got paused.

Holly Ziemba is a local go getter.  She worked at WESCO for years and as she worked her way up through the ranks there, she spent plenty of her spare time chasing after things that she loved, like photography, art, poetry and more.  The job was great but in the back of her mind, she wanted to own her own business.  It's a dream that most have, but most too don't have the ability to just "jump in the deep end" and do it.  Well, Holly took the plunge a few years ago and bought a framing business from Ken the Picture Framer, she changed the name to Holly the Picture Framer and moved about a quarter of a mile up M-120 pretty close to the corner of Giles.  If that's not enough of a go-get-em drive, she also grabbed a realtors license and now works with Five Star Realty to help people sell, or find their dream home.  Driven?  Yes, you can say Holly is driven.

It would seem that Fruitport has become a place that's not too awful shy about grabbing the bull by the horns and finding ways for young people to get some real life experience in a work environment while they continue their education and wonder what it's like in the "real world".  Of course, when the publisher has a wife who teaches at Fruitport and her friends have no issue in working to help network, that doesn't hurt much either.  We found Kolton Woods as he commented on a pandemic spurred graduation drive thru video we did, and over close to the last two years, he's been right here dealing out the weather Monday-Friday while going to Valparaiso to get his degree, and our next Trojan has come up to the plate to give it a try as well.

Meet Joe Lalonde of Muskegon.  Joe is a blogger and now author of a book called "Reel Leadership".  Joe had dropped me a line on Facebook about his project and I looked into it a little more to see what he was talking about and it was kind of surprising to me that we share an identical passion and I though it was pretty cool that I wasn't the only one who quite often finds hidden meaning in things.  In fact, not only am I not the only one, from talking to Joe a little today, not only am I not alone, but Joe has made a recurring blog about the theme and now, he's got a book to be published soon about finding ways that you can learn leadership from what is heard and seen in the movies.

Ho Hum.  Well kinda.  We're all working our way back to normal and most everything we know and love is kinda coming back on line.  Yes, there are still a few of our biggest events that are "playing hurt" because a lot of what goes into planning and pulling off these big events were decisions that had to be made long before any restrictions were lifted and that left a lot of really incredible people in town who give of themselves to make these big events happen standing there with a LARGE gamble to make.  It's no place anyone wants to be having to wait yet again for something like Rockstock or the Michigan Irish Music Festival but the simple fact is that so many unknowns play into planning an event like this and the losses from a resurgence or the virus or, another round of crowd limits could ruin the events for good.  So, some have scaled back, some have had to wait.

If that headline don't make your mouth water, um...."Houston, we have a problem."  We're back in the kitchen of the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon with Chef LaKisha Harris and you are in for an explosive taste treat today.  Brace yourself for breakfast, LaKisha is whipping up candied bacon and blueberry waffles.

Been going on a while now.  This idea of doing something in Downtown Muskegon other than trying to cross the street in the dead of winter to get in to a hockey game.  Slowly but surely, we've seen the emergence of a vibrant and festive area where people can commune and enjoy the friendly surroundings of the bars, restaurants, Mercy Health Arena and new this year the VanDyke Mortgage Convention Center.  What was once an abandoned downtown with a couple of bars and a hotel is now a beating heart of an entre community and the streets have literally become a canvas to paint on when it comes to things to do to keep people occupied and engaged.

Cooking is a family affair for LaKisha Harris.  It's been a point of discussion for her since day one with us here and her heritage and mentorship from her mom and grandmother come shining through in everything she makes and serves.  It's only natural that she'd be passing those secrets down too to her daughter Rheyma would be in on some of the cooking that goes on.  Actually, "Mini Soul" as she is often referred to in close circles is usually just off the camera trying to get a peek at what's being recorded or, she's been known to tell the camera guy to "stick around and help her momma with the dishes", which he's been known to do.