It's a name local fans are familiar with and a name we've been proud to have join us on a Muskegon Tonight Live in the past too, Chad Flores has been working away at his career even in the "downtime" and with all that work, we thought maybe it would be time to catch up before we're all standing around saying "We knew him when...."

It's Black History Month and a few weeks ago, Muskegon Heights Schools reached out to Chef LaKisha Harris at Soul Filled Eatery and asked if she would be willing to grab a project and run with it for the kids at the school.  Not a second thought had to go into it.  The idea was that she'd take her skills as a Chef, put them to use instructing the students to how to make a recipe for black eyed peas and in the meal kits that go home to the students, they would find the ingredients that were needed to make the recipe and be able to not only learn how to follow the directions, but to try something in the kitchen and, even contribute to the meal.  It was an amazing opportunity to share a little knowledge much further than it would normally go.

Generally, February is a first indicator that Spring is right around the corner, right?  We can all hope.  For as much of a mild winter as we've had by Michigan standards, warmth and outdoors is much needed and the idea that it's coming sooner than later, that's a good thing.  The sun is beginning to set a little later ad night and the Winter Solstice came and went while we were hardly looking.

LaKisha Harris is back at it in the kitchen at L'Soul Filled Eatery!  This time, with a focus on some fun coming up for everyone with a certain football game coming up.  With LaKisha, you will NOT be showing up with a bag of chips and some French onion dip you picked up at a gas station.  No way!  Follow along with the show and the ingredients listed below...and YOU will be the star of any party!

If you've spent any time in or around Downtown Muskegon and become a fan of any of the offerings of the food trucks that have been becoming more and more popular, chances are you've been able to spot the wagon that's painted up like no other with the beautiful colors, bold words and overall message of peace and love that's run by Tacitus Nana-Kwesi Yabani.  "Tac" as those who know him refer to him for short moved here from Ghana not so long ago and has since become a fixture of the Muskegon community.  His food is amazing, his character is unforgettable and he's added a little bit of the "old country" into all of our lives with a spirit that is unmistakable and inviting.  To Tac, a stranger is literally a friend he's not met yet and it shows in everything he does.  His vehicle for introductions.... FOOD!

We've been so lucky this year to be able to showcase the incredible talents of our area young people.  With the state of affairs, their hard work over years and years building up to their chance to shine in front of a crowd has dwindled a little but just because the auditoriums can't be filled with the sounds of the season, that doesn't mean that these kids shouldn't be celebrated.  In fact...if they can't be in the local auditorium, let's go all in and put them out there for the entire world to see on multiple platforms, screens of all sizes and let people watch anytime they like.  Take that COVID.  Muskegon ALWAYS finds a way!

Welcome to another visit to the Soul Filled Eatery Kitchen with LaKisha Harris!  The Soul Filled Eatery is located on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights and serves up some of the most delicious meals you can find anywhere along with the warmth and hospitality you'll only find in a place that's dedicated to making you feel at home. The recipes are handed down by the generation, the sense of community is building from her little spot and the people are coming in from all over West Michigan to try what's coming out of the service window.  We've seen plenty of posts from Grand Rapids, Holland and even Detroit where destination diners are heading to Muskegon for a little slice of Soul Filled!

"The Orchard View Show Choir did the "Zoom thing" and they mastered it.  It's as good as you've seen on any of the networks by producers who make a lot more than anyone in schools and the idea behind it all, is to give our local kids a chance to shine, when it seemed that all might be lost to a year that's taken more than it's deserved!  So, as they say, without further adieu... Ladies and Gentlemen...The Orchard View Show Choir!"

"Looking back over the past 10 years was not only fun and rewarding, but it was touching and heartwarming too. Seeing choir students from the past, always singing their hearts out for Muskegon and beyond, was simply wonderful. In the end, we did our best to include here some “fan and student favorites” with the idea of also doing our best to create a balanced and entertaining show. We knew too that we wanted to include at least a few things from this year’s choir, We decided on three auditioned specialty acts and felt including our entire choir, singing our classic “Siyahamba,” would also be most appropriate. "

This week Paranormal Muskegon talked with passed loved-one reader, Remote Viewer, and Seer, Rick Waid. He is the author of “Awakening of a Seer,” and “My Paranormal Journey, One Man’s Obsession.” He agreed to tell us about his ability to “See”, his paranormal work and remote viewing. 

Got a little Tiger Blood running through your veins?  A lot of people do and the name Ronnie Caviness Jr aka "The Slicer" is known for his playing days in a Muskegon Heights uniform as well as his prowess on social media platforms as he inserts a lot of joy in to what he sends out to the audience while he's doing a multitude of things, especially cooking!  He's got some smooth moves that LaKisha will get out of him before it's all said and done, so ladies, stick around not only for the recipe, but some wiggling.