"The Orchard View Show Choir did the "Zoom thing" and they mastered it.  It's as good as you've seen on any of the networks by producers who make a lot more than anyone in schools and the idea behind it all, is to give our local kids a chance to shine, when it seemed that all might be lost to a year that's taken more than it's deserved!  So, as they say, without further adieu... Ladies and Gentlemen...The Orchard View Show Choir!"

"Looking back over the past 10 years was not only fun and rewarding, but it was touching and heartwarming too. Seeing choir students from the past, always singing their hearts out for Muskegon and beyond, was simply wonderful. In the end, we did our best to include here some “fan and student favorites” with the idea of also doing our best to create a balanced and entertaining show. We knew too that we wanted to include at least a few things from this year’s choir, We decided on three auditioned specialty acts and felt including our entire choir, singing our classic “Siyahamba,” would also be most appropriate. "

This week Paranormal Muskegon talked with passed loved-one reader, Remote Viewer, and Seer, Rick Waid. He is the author of “Awakening of a Seer,” and “My Paranormal Journey, One Man’s Obsession.” He agreed to tell us about his ability to “See”, his paranormal work and remote viewing. 

Got a little Tiger Blood running through your veins?  A lot of people do and the name Ronnie Caviness Jr aka "The Slicer" is known for his playing days in a Muskegon Heights uniform as well as his prowess on social media platforms as he inserts a lot of joy in to what he sends out to the audience while he's doing a multitude of things, especially cooking!  He's got some smooth moves that LaKisha will get out of him before it's all said and done, so ladies, stick around not only for the recipe, but some wiggling. 

The Frauenthal Center is easily one of the premiere places in the State of Michigan for any kind of performance.  Being right here in Muskegon we are so very fortunate to have this beautifully ornate place to share some of the most incredible events and memories in, with the exception of 2020 of course when the best we can do is drive by the "Frau" and patiently wait for the day to come once again when the air is filled with music, the smells of the amazing food at Smash! down on the lower level are coming up and the lobby is buzzing with the chatter of friends gathering and catching up.  It will be back, it's a 100% fact.

We have a kindred spirit in Eric Zane.  We've shared similar backgrounds, we've decided that maybe it's a better chance to do what we love working for ourselves instead of a giant company where decisions are made by what's on a spread sheet and we've even spent some times guesting on each others shows to cross promote, have some fun and be a bit of mutual aid to one another.  After all, we're the little guys now when some of the other teams all still have giant transmitters, huge budgets, easier access and of course, the habit of just pushing a button and "there it is".  Yes, being in the digital world means that it takes a little more effort to get in touch with our content, but much like us at the Muskegon Channel, Eric Zane provides a premium product for listeners/viewers and is better equipped to give amazing value to those who sponsor his show.  We love knowing that Eric is only one trench away in the media pit. 

It's been a long and hard year.  No one is overly thrilled about much of anything and way back when in March, when we all first started hearing the messaging about "We're in this Together" we all assumed it would be a short time of inconvenience and once it was over, we'd be back to normal.  Well, March feels like 100 years ago.

2020 is a little "different'.  We are all making do with what we have.  It's not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination for anyone.  We know this though.  This is Muskegon and if you look back over the last block of about 50 years, one thing has proven true time and time again.  We are the one community in all of West Michigan that is better at circling the wagons than anyone.  We are the one community in West Michigan that's better at rolling with the punches than anyone and we are the one community in West Michigan who's ability to be as one when the time comes...it's beyond compare.

You read it right, it's a Soul Filled episode of cooking with LaKisha Harris at Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights, however...since this week isn't exactly about chicken, we've shave this show so you can substitute the other bird that you may have in plenty supply...turkey!  After all, you'll probably have a lot left over and making something other than a sandwich, or hot sandwich, or just picking the turkey off the plate every time you open the fridge because you have to....ya, LaKisha has your back on that and she's doing it with ingredients that will keep the costs under $10! She calls it "Ballin' on a Budget"!

Paranormal Muskegon was back talking with Darren Dykhouse of Lakeshore Paranormal who has been busy chasing down those ghosts; including a late-night visit to historic Stimson Hospital in Eaton Rapids, the Felt Mansion and the Allegan County Jail. We first met Darren last spring when we had the chance to talk with him about the work that Lakeshore Paranormal does in the area.

Marie Cisneros has entertained thousands with her Paranormal Muskegon stories.  She's going to be taking a break from that for a while but...she's sticking around for the horoscope readings that seem to have taken off quickly!!  Starting off 2021 with a look into what's being predicted for you?  Have a listen!!  It's the January 1st Muskegon By The Stars!!

We've been filming at Kitchen 242 since we first met LaKisha Harris.  We had a pretty good idea that she was a rocket about to take off and things got rolling quick.  Like really quick.  She's now got her own place on Glade Street right on your way into town, she can barely make enough food to stay open her posted hours, and true to form, she's using her new found home, and spotlight to bring others right up with her!