It was an awesome night in Downtown Muskegon!  The Frauenthal Center seemed to be the focal point with the US Coast Guard Band playing a huge and patriotic concert upstairs and Muskegon Tonight Live happening in the lower level of the building at the delicious and intimate setting of the Smash Wine Bar and Bistro!

I point out in this interview of White Lake area musician Tommy Foster that when I first met him when he was a teen, the first thought that came into my mind was that he would have a unique life path ahead of him.Not only has he confirmed this by his choice of career, but also when we met for the interview. He suggested sitting in the “seat” of a huge tree.  (I had thought we would sit in the gazebo by White Lake.) Neither of us could make the climb, so we ended up standing in front of the massive trunk.  No one else so far has suggested we climb into a tree for an interview!

The Summer Concerts at McGraft Park has been a Muskegon tradition for over 50 years. Today, the free family friendly concerts are still going strong at the beautiful McGraft Park Band shell.

On of our staff member has recently rescued several vintage super 8 reels of Muskegon Heights Football motion picture. We've decided to digitize one of them and share with everyone on MuskegonChannel. This particular reel is titled Muskegon Heights dated 11-7-1981 on the cover.

  Muskegon Tonight Live! June- A monthly local talk show convering a variarity of local interest - was held on 6/27/19 Downtown Muskegon at Smash! Winebar & Bistro in front of live audience.

It's a huge event and it's a great source of family fun minus the beer tents and everything else that seems to be part of a "festival" anymore.  Nothing against a good beer tent, but to know that a town festival can be pulled off without one and that some of the good "old fashioned" fun things are still available to all, well, that's makes ya feel warm and fuzzy all over and to see a festival like that in a community like Fruitport..makes perfect sense for the beginning of Summer.  It's a huge undertaking for the Fruitport Lions Club and a source for them to help fund all the great work they do.

Let me start off by saying, this was one of the most fun interviews I have done in a while, and it could have easily gotten out of hand...quick as we sat down to reminisce about the photography gallery that's going to be on display beginning May 23rd at the Muskegon Museum of Art.  Tough as it might have been, the artist and myself managed to keep it together....for the most part and talk about the display and the work that went in to the gallery...30 years in the making.  Let's rewind to begin.

It first got underway in 1972.  Motorcycle riders from all over Michigan converge on the small town of Baldwin and head to the airport grounds for their annual blessing on their bikes to keep them safe during the riding season.  It's a fun pastime for some, a lifestyle for others but there is a risk factor to the ride so what can any good luck or blessing hurt if offered to a rider, right? 

It's a long standing tradition.  I look back and there wasn't a fancy name like "Link Up" or anything, but I remember very distinctly the opportunity to head to DeVos Hall as a 5th grader and see the Symphony.  It was a huge treat for a bunch of kids from a small one hall school in Belmont.  It was exposure to a level of music that not many of us had even been a part of and it was an introduction to something other than the bubble gum pop and a few of us who had made the jump to Kiss records and were fans of the early beginnings of the disco era thanks to ultra hip parents who were out buying Bee Gees records after seeing Saturday Night Fever.