The time has come for a little fun and fun for a good cause!  If you've been around long enough, you might remember the Party in Your Parka events out at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.  Ya....they were HUGE with a capital HU.  Day spilled over into night and the event was a giant success....until it got to be a little, shall we say "problematic" to get a band to play when it's 6 degrees out.  Yes...Old Man Winter made the Party in Your Parka a difficult time for a lot of angles of a successful party so, it took a little hiatus.  Hiatus being the operative word here. 

Ready for something delicious?  Chef Char is at it in Kitchen 242 and rockin' some awesome home made ravioli.  Let's start with an editorial note.  Someone has to be there at the completion of the dish to make sure it's good right?  Not being overly exposed to ravioli growing up, outside of the occasional canned Chef Boy Ar Dee, this post shoot sampling REALLY hit the spot. 

As the Muskegon Channel has grown, so has our approach to what we do.  Believe it or not, where we are today is a long, long way from where we started in 2015.  Back then, we had a free blog program and a GoPro Camera that Andy had to buy 6 months same as cash to get the entire thing rolling with the Positively Muskegon blog.  Today, we've got HD cameras, live mobile rigs to stream just about anything live.  We've added some staff that have no experience so they can learn the craft and we've had some experienced people come along as well who have seen what we're building and want to be a part of it.  We have gone on to add Muskegon Channel Radio and most recently, we've acquired the management of Channel 96 in Muskegon on the Comcast system.  It's the community access channel and as we begin to start to rebuild our local television offerings, what we have online will remain just as important.  

So, it's cold out.  Time to turn the oven on and add some warmth and some delicious smells to the house with all the favorite baked goods everyone loves!   There's a thought today too, that people should be using more natural ingredients in their cooking and that the chemical additives we find in a lot of store bought items might not be the best for us.  Well, Chef Char not only has the answer for that, she's got a way to help make your recipes a little tastier and add in some local flavor as well!  

We're known for hockey in town.  Like really well known.  The storied history of the game here in town has been written about over and over and we continue to write the history, we also write the future.  Youth hockey in Muskegon is a big deal.  They start off as squirts and work their way up thru the ranks in to high school or travel teams and hopefully on to college, maybe the USHL and then on to the dream!  It's happened, and it's going to continue to happen.  We're "Hockeytown West" and that's the way it outta be!

Time for another visit to the famed Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market!  This time, Lauren and Char are working on a delicious treat that involves some classic cookware that was around long before we had things like microwaves, Instant Pots and more.  It's time to break out the cast iron!  Heavy, durable and meant to last a lifetime, using cast iron cookware is as much of an art as it is a great way to make some savory dishes that fill you up and keep you warm over the long cold Winter months in Michigan.

  It began with being a stand up as a teen, led to a career in public access TV which garnered enough attention to move up to MTV on to movies and is the career of Comedian Tom Green.  Tom is live in Muskegon at The Back Alley Comedy Club November 30th and December 1st and we caught up with the legandary comic for a few minutes to talk about his career in advance of the shows. 

  Are you hoping Santa brings you an Instant Pot this Christmas, or maybe you got one last Christmas and haven’t taken it out of the box!  Cue Chef Char Morse at Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmer’s Market.   Char has you covered with one of several Instant Pot cooking classes planned for the new year, with the first being held January 26th. 

Maybe you're getting pumped up for the game or possibly, you are out for a new taste to wow your family or friends at the next dinner party?  Well, there's one gal in town who's got the answers to life's riddles like this...Chef Char!  She rules the roost down at Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market and specializes in showing YOU how to make the good stuff in ways that are easily understandable, fun and efficient on time!