It's a coveted prize.  The Celebrated Service Award is offered by Celebration Cinema in the markets they have theaters in and annually, so of the best of the best in the area bide for the prize.  This year, in Muskegon the spotlight is on the Getty Street Grill for their dedication to excellent food, customer service beyond compare and a team of employees who truly understand that a nice meal out is so much more than the food.  A trip into the Getty Street Grill is like being served by family and it's evident in a hurry why on weekends you usually find a line out the door to get in there and enjoy a great breakfast or lunch.

Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London is an address you may be familiar with.  Sure, maybe not quite as familiar as an address like 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or 10 Downing Street, but you might just stop and think... "I've heard that address somewhere..."  Well, think back a few years to times that were a little more innocent, and you may have had a favorite story or movie...getting warmer?  Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane is where the world famous nanny Mary Poppins flew into back in 1934 if you're a fan of the book and in 1964 Disney got a hold of the story and turned it into a timeless movie that has been shared by generations ever since.  It's a staple of story telling and a great family friendly production.  You've got the opportunity to be part of the magic once again as the Muskegon Civic Theater presents Mary Poppins opening May 4th at the Frauenthal Center in Downtown Muskegon.

The Muskegon Channel is pleased to introduce you to our newest member of the show.  James Saville.  James is what you would call a beer connoisseur, and amazing computer guru and an all around great guy.  Now, since it's been a few months since Andy has had a sip of beer, we needed to hunt down someone who's been plugged into the craft beer scene since day 1.  James had to be the choice!

If you're of a certain age, you probably remember packing everything and everyone you can into the car with blankets, kids were probably in their pajamas and mom and dad waiting for mother nature to dim the lights at sunset to get the show rolling at the drive in theater!  The little speaker hanging from the window....the sounds of kids running around on the playground....that hut....right in the middle of it all showing movies in every direction on massive screens...that somehow become invisible once it's dark out.  The night air settles in the show gets underway and with any luck.. the kids are asleep in the back before the second feature starts.