Paranormal Muskegon is always looking interested in learning more about the mysterious and mystical side of life; anything from angels to UFOs and anything in between and few can think of anything more mysterious and mystical than magic. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the glamorous world of magic; where the veil between what is real and what is not becomes lost in the mist of belief. For years people would sit in rapt wonder as magicians performed their mystifying feats of illusion. These feats, though captivating, used misdirection, props and sleight of hand to perform seemingly wondrous acts of magic. Thus, since time immemorial, people have wondered: Is magic real? An excellent question….which may not have an easy answer. Real magic is said to be using powers or abilities believed to be supernatural to affect a change; either in the environment or a situation.

A uniquely freaky experience in Muskegon?  I think that's how we described Puzzle's Oddities and Ends when we first met Ambrosia Huber who runs the artisan shop off Apple Avenue.  It is remarkably unique for sure, and with Ambrosia's love of all things odd, she's not only kept the place going, she's expanded to offer over 80 artists a place to showcase and sell their creativity and given us all a little slice of something very "big city" in a smaller town like Muskegon. 

It was a stellar show at The Starlight Room as we got the September edition of Muskegon Tonight Live rolling.  The Starlight Room is a significant addition to what we have in the Muskegon Area for entertainment.  It's an intimate and versatile venue with capabilities that blow the minds of those performing or attending.  For our show, the audience might be a foot away from the guests and the music acts and there's no better seat in the house. 

It's the 77th episode of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian.  Weekly she brings her passion for all things pet to you and helps share her knowledge on a variety of things.  From training to nutrition and even into some specialized areas like illness that are specific to animals and even how to deal with grief in the loss of a pet.  Her work with her organization Dog Blessed carries well past all that you see here and in this weeks episode, you''' learn a lot more about a very special fall festival coming up.

Are you ready for a wonderful evening of food, drink and fun with a focus on one of the most important life skills we need?  October 26th is the date you'll need to set on your calendar as Muskegon Rotary is having an event at the Culinary Institute of Michigan to benefit Read Muskegon.  Read Muskegon is an organization focused on literacy and the desperate need we have to help improve reading for all ages here in Muskegon.

Marie here with another Star report! It is almost Autumn when the air gets crisper and leaves turn lovely shades of crimson, orange and gold. I hope everyone can get out and enjoy it before the snow flies. It is also when sun moves into the sign of Virgo on Saturday, September 23rd. This will signal a time of letting go of all that is worn out and superficial, breaking out of the rut and trying something new. You may also find that you are in the mood for some deep conversations.

If you've been a part of the Muskegon Channel audience for a while, or followed Andy and Dave over from the radio days, you know Dave has long been affiliated with Bras for a Cause.  It's an event put on by the Women's Council of Realtors Lakeshore and it benefits the Bluebird Cancer Retreats.  Like any human experience, knowing that you're not alone in your journey through the darkness of something like cancer is why the Bluebird Retreats are there for those battling.  With locations in Spring Lake and Holland, it's a natural for the Women's Council of Realtors Lakeshore to benefit.

Almost every week, Jodi has her trusted cohost Olaf along her side.  Olaf is Jodi's BFF and their relationship is as close as two hearts can get.  They enjoy their life together in so many ways and to find that "perfect fit" in a pet, well that takes some work and it also takes some of what Jodi often talks about, researching breeds.

For decades, Muskegon has quietly developed a long line of some incredibly talented boxers that have risen in the ranks of amateur boxing and up into the pro ranks.  Boxing is an artform that involves SO much more than what's readily apparent in the ring when you see a fight.  The level of discipline, drive, training and control it takes far outweighs almost any other sport.  To focus all of your attention on what needs to be done to compete while someone else is trying to hit you and vice's an amazing level of focus. That focus too is what some need to pull themselves out of a bad situation and change their lives forever. 

This is a very special episode of Dog Blessed with Jodi. Jodi welcomes some kids and encourages you to do the same for this edition as they will be discussing some ideas about how kids and pets interact, learn and grow together. Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven.