Our county is always what comes to mind when we use the term "Muskegon".  We are diverse in so many ways, and "diversity" isn't just a term that gets batted around when it comes to color.  We are a county of agriculture as much as we are one of tourism and industry and to get a chance to drive out to Ravenna in any time of the growing season is a treat that anyone should take advantage of.  From the apple blossoms in the spring, to the rust of fall and the harvest, the agricultural contributions in Muskegon County were $91 Million dollars.....in 2012.  Think of how much that has gone up to by now?  Ravenna is an important part of our community.

This summer has been nothing short of amazing.  To see so much happening at such a strong pace with attendance being great and the atmosphere being on filled with incredible energy and a feeling of real togetherness, being in the middle of it all is RIGHT where we want to be.  The other awesome thing to see is that of our events, both new and old, they are all continuing to flourish...even the 39th year of Parties in the Park in Downtown Muskegon on Friday nights. 

Friday night July 7th - Hackley Park in Beautiful Downtown Muskegon it's going to be another incredible evening of music, friends and fun as Party in the Park welcomes The North 41 and Crossroads on the stage and the park will be filled with help from the Muskegon Sports Council.  What sets this one a part?  Two of the most endeared and rapidly growing attractions in town coming together is what jumps out immediately.  Our Downtown Muskegon Area and the Muskegon Sports Complex, which used to be just the "Winter Sports Complex".  Bill Bailey helps explain how it's become a year round sports complex! 


Even the ride to the Muskegon Sports Complex sets the tone for the experience.  The curvy road and the rolling hills are a first step to changing your mindset.  It's a great way to cleanse kids of the idea of electronics and phones and have them set their sites on things like trees, dunes and experiences other than TicTok.  In years past, it was a winter destination but the group that runs this treasure of our county has been at it for a few yearss adding all season amenities that attract adventurers from all over the area and region.

From giant rock climbing walls to a summer rolling luge track, archery and tree top canopy tours on zip lines, the Muskegon Sports Complex has blossomed into a year round not for profit place where no matter your preference for fun, a stroll or something extreme.... it's right there.  If you are camping at the State Park across the street or just coming in from Fruitport for the day, the Muskegon Sports Complex offers it all.

It's a dedicated group that have made this all happen too.  Some of which all maintain jobs outside of their work at the Complex and volunteer their time to make this incredible place "ours".  If you are in support of such a thing and would like to do your part without really breaking your back, hey...it's only a matter of Hackley Park, Friday from 5-9 in Downtown Muskegon!  We'll plan on seeing you there. 

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Congratulations to Maya Schuhknecht as Miss Michigan 2023, watch the highlight version of the final night here on the Muskegon Channel.

Life has gotten a little busy and being a couple days late with the Muskegon By the Stars Astrological Forecast is only the fault of the editor!  Marie has filed a great report to catch you up on your horiscope!  Take a listen. 

We've long been proud to be invited to tell you about the event held at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Norton Shores.  Years past, they had a delicious pilaf dinner with the AMAZING food and the incredible fellowship that's provided by a congregation that is filled with love, laughter and builds a very inclusive environment.  It's safe to guess maybe that post pandemic, some reimagining happened and the idea that was settled on was GO BIGGER!  I was invited by Liz Danigelis to talk about the fun and  Rev. Fr. Joseph Gingrich joined us to talk about the faith and the parish as well.  It's a great chat about a super awesome newer and bigger event! 

A 17 year absence of an amazing event that was held so dear by an entire community is a long time.  The return of that event is a new beginning from every angle and with the Wings over Muskegon Airshow coming July 7th through the 9th we're ahead of the game to a degree because we're already moving at a lightning pace with our summer.  One thing that will grab your attention quick on this event, kids 15 and under are free!  Muskegon County Airport Executive Director Ken Efting dropped that one on me today.....I thought I knew everything going on, guess not. 

We had an amazing turnout for the Lakeshore Art Festival this past weekend Downtown Muskegon.  In fact, the entire area was buzzing with incredible things to do, be a part of and enjoy as the summer of 2023 continues to march toward the best on record in Muskegon.  Our community staples are still strong too, as Party in the Park takes a break when bigger events need the space, but it's right back when the time to gather as a community and just relax is upon us.

Kids and pets go hand in hand.  There's a special relationship between children and animals that is a tale as old as time, and not many of us can think back over our lives without the memory of a pet of ours or a neighbors that was a true standout for entertainment and companionship.  This week, Jodi and Paula have enlisted the help of a couple of grands to show you some great activities and best practices to make your kids and pets time together as great as it can be.  There are also some pretty great ways here to help your kids get familiar with a dog they may not know. 

Dog Blessed is all about people and pets living their best lives together.  Well, when that time is up for one half of that combination, it's a crushing defeat to all.  Paula Smith is the less seen half of the Dog Blessed family but, she's a big part of all of it, and her dog Pepper recently made the trip to the rainbow bridge after a wonderful life in companionship and competition as being a border collie often tends to lend itself to just that kind of life.