Almost every week, Jodi has her trusted cohost Olaf along her side.  Olaf is Jodi's BFF and their relationship is as close as two hearts can get.  They enjoy their life together in so many ways and to find that "perfect fit" in a pet, well that takes some work and it also takes some of what Jodi often talks about, researching breeds.

For decades, Muskegon has quietly developed a long line of some incredibly talented boxers that have risen in the ranks of amateur boxing and up into the pro ranks.  Boxing is an artform that involves SO much more than what's readily apparent in the ring when you see a fight.  The level of discipline, drive, training and control it takes far outweighs almost any other sport.  To focus all of your attention on what needs to be done to compete while someone else is trying to hit you and vice's an amazing level of focus. That focus too is what some need to pull themselves out of a bad situation and change their lives forever. 

This is a very special episode of Dog Blessed with Jodi. Jodi welcomes some kids and encourages you to do the same for this edition as they will be discussing some ideas about how kids and pets interact, learn and grow together. Dog Blessed is brought to you by Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven.

Sportsmen for Youth is probably the largest event in Muskegon County focused on kids.  For 33 years those who love the outdoors as well as those who try to focus on making sure kids have something more to do than stare at their screens all day come together to provide a hands on expo that encompasses, all things hunting, fishing, nature conservation and points of interest in the world of first responders be it police, fire or other services.  It's been a dedicated group of community leaders that have grown this event to what you'll find September 9th at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds.  Best of all, no cost for admission. 

It’s always great when Paranormal Muskegon can meet and chat about ghosts and all things mysterious and spooky; so when I was introduced to Jody Varso-Suits and found out she was not only interested in the paranormal; she was very much a part of it. Jody related that since a young child, she not only could see the spirits of the departed, she also had premonitions about those close to her. Oftentimes these premonitions were of tragic circumstances, which of course affected Jody greatly. It is one thing to foresee future events when they do not personally affect you; but it is a different story when these events involve one’s own family, so these can be quite profound.

Saturday Sept 2nd polish up your car and get ready to enjoy a great day of fun with purpose. One of our area pet rescues the Noah Project is planting a flag and hopes to bring to the area a sustained event that will become an annual destination for fans of cars, canines and cats....pretty cool the title they cam up with huh?  Canines Cats and Cruisers is a classic car show to benefit this shelter and is going to be held at Anything and Everything at 3031 Heights Ravenna Road from 10a-3p with a cruise to follow.  

The Starlight Room is the Muskegon areas newest premium concert experience.  It's also an incredible recording room for artists who are looking for audio, or video recording.  We're pretty honored to be part of the launch of the venue with Muskegon Tonight Live in their serene setting and relaxed atmosphere.  We held the show on the evening of August 24th and Unruly Brewing treated the crowd to a wonderful sampling of their Orange Julius brew as we talked to the Lakeshore Museum Center, The Muskegon Polish Festival and Scott Lewis from Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo.  

It was a night for us we relished in.  We were invited to the Unruly Brewing Company to do a special show all around the Burning Foot Beer Festival coming up on August 26th at Pere Marquette in Muskegon.  The festival kicks off at 3p and goes till 10 and you'll have the opportunity to sample different craft beers from 100 breweries from around the Midwest!  It's an experience that only Muskegon can pull off and as the festival has grown since it's inception, so has the impact of the crowd it draws and the elevation of our entire community when it comes to tourism. 

This is a bit of an emotional episode of Dog Blessed.  We'll let you know that right away.  We're dealing with the loss of a pet this week and Jodi and Paula are both fairly versed on the topic as they have had to deal with saying goodbye to pets recently.  They share some steps and some thoughts on grief before and after a pet is gone and there are some rather frank discussion points that may be a little difficult for some as the actual process to euthanize  a pet is brought up.  Please be advised of that if you listen. 

Acting is more than meets the eye.  There's an awful lot of development and time that goes in to being in a production be it on the stage or the screen.  Those skills are honed over time in an environment where it's easy to be intimidated by those who have a little more experience than you do or those who don't understand the steps it takes to be able to become a character other than self.  In Muskegon, we've got just that happening with the Actors Workshop of West Michigan and they are having their debut performance this weekend at the Playhouse at White Lake.  


Adam Bell founded the Actors Workshop of West Michigan in 2022 based on the time he spent with the Actors Workshop of Sacramento.  The idea being to create a space where those who wish to get in the game when it comes to acting can grow and nurture their passion in a "safe space" where others can share ideas and best practices and help develop the pipeline of those who want to carry on the craft.  There is no cost to be a part of the workshop which meets on Thursdays at 7p at the First Presbyterian Church on Sherman and Wickham in Muskegon.   

Their first production is "The Book of Will".  From Lauren Gunderson's website - "Without William Shakespeare, we wouldn’t have literary masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet. But without Henry Condell and John Heminges, we would have lost half of Shakespeare’s plays forever! After the death of their friend and mentor, the two actors are determined to compile the First Folio and preserve the words that shaped their lives. They’ll just have to borrow, beg, and band together to get it done. Amidst the noise and color of Elizabethan London, The Book of Will finds an unforgettable true story of love, loss, and laughter, and sheds new light on a man you may think you know."  The reviews of both the story and the historical significance of this production are outstanding and it's understandable why a growing theater company would pick this as a place to begin.  Shakespeare and theater are quintessential to one another.  

There will be two evening and two matinee performances this weekend at the Playhouse at White Lake.  To enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful theater and enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing a theater company put on it's first production is and opportunity not to be missed.  It's a gift of love and passion to begin, develop and run a theater company, let alone one that brings in the unexperienced and gives them a chance to be a part of a lifetime dream.  GRAB SOME TICKETS and go enjoy an evening of the arts with the Actors Workshop of West Michigan. 



playhouse at white lake lead