We're down to the final couple of Friday nights for the Party in the Park at Hackley Park in Downtown Muskegon.  It's one of those magic parts of summer where we all stand here scratching our head and asking "Where did that go?"  Well, as Sinatra said - "The summer wind, came blowin' in...." and it's going to be blowing out pretty soon.  Kids will be back in school and after that, we'll be back inside eagerly awaiting the return of the warmth and fun of the few months we get to hang out and help out.  Which works out good...because at Party in the Park this week, there's a BIG focus on kids and the hanging out....well, we've all got that down pretty good.  The West Michigan Speedskating Club is the organization that reaps the benefits and the music comes from none other than Brenden Moore.  Mark Jastrzembski is the head of the Speed skaters.  Let's catch up!  

It was in the middle of a pandemic that we first met Robert Michael.  Bobby as his friends call him presented us an opportunity to feature his film "Heartprints in the Snow" which is a documentary about his youth and his families sport of sled dog racing.  Bobby is from Michigan and at the time, really just wanted to share the movie as things were a little slow and seeing movies, was a little difficult.  Today, you'll find "Heartprints in the Snow" on Apple TV, and you'll find Bobby here with us, because his next movie is ready for a Michigan premiere, with an incredible return gift to us.

It wasn't long ago that we had a farewell episode to Pepper.  Pepper was Paula Smith's dog and part of the Dog Blessed family.  Well, this week, it's an introduction to Ella!  Ella was surrendered by her previous owner and through their network of friends, it was thought that Paula might be a great match for this wonderful girl, but there are some steps to take in advance of any adoption. 

The motorcycles are still more than welcome if you found Downtown Muskegon to your liking this past weekend and would like a little more.  We can't promise a world of flashy stunts or a bunch of bikini clad women or leathered up biker guys, BUT! We can offer you a great time with an amazing organization called the Disability Network West Michigan and one of the area's premiere live attractions when it comes to live music, Flexadecible!  You know we're talking about Party in the Park Friday night. 


Will Wilson is the Executive Director of the Disability Network West Michigan and joins us today to talk about their organization and how they work to help individuals with a limitation as well as communities to better understand how making a life that is independent is a reward for everyone.  Taken from their website - "Disability Network West Michigan is committed to accessibility, inclusion, and diversity while being consumer directed and accountable. Our mission is to advocate, educate, empower, and provide resources for persons with disabilities. We promote accessible communities, fulfilling our vision of ensuring that accessibility is an accepted civil right."

What sets Disability Network a part from others is their approach.  In working with them on multiple levels over the years from being a municipal board member to participant in some of their other endeavors, to see how Disability Network values the art of education over intimidation and the willingness to walk the walk internally with some of their staff wo have some challenges their clients face, they are an amazing group of people who's commitment to making things awesome for everyone is steadfast and true.  We are so very fortunate to have an organization like this based in and serving Muskegon and surrounding counties.

The fun gets underway at 5 at Hackley Park Friday night July 28th and volunteers are still needed!  If you'd like to pitch in CLICK HERE to volunteer.  We'll see you Friday at Hackley Park!  



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Today Paranormal Muskegon visited with Jack Bushong Jr. to talk about his part in the March 8, 1994 Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon incident, which gained worldwide attention and which Muskegon played a very significant part. Jack grew up in Muskegon and knew from an early age that he wanted to be a meteorologist, having always been interested in the weather, astronomy, and science. He received a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology from Florida State University in 1988 and was 29 years old when he working at the National Weather Service in Muskegon. After leaving the weather service here, he was a hydro-meteorologist in Georgia. He retired in 2016, after an illustrious career with numerous awards and promotions. Jack has also worked as an actor and professional photographer. He and his wife, Joy, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marie is back with her astrological forecast for July on Muskegon By the Stars!!  It's a great chance to see where things are heading with destiny if you believe in that kind of thing.  Maybe you're just a coincidence person, you could see if things just happen by chance. 

What an honor to be in the setting of Muskegon's newest experience for music The Starlight Room for a special edition of Muskegon Tonight Live!  Located on Airline Road, The Starlight Room is in the perfect spot for all of West Michigan to enjoy an intimate concert experience or an artist to record a live or studio recording on premium equipment in a setting like no other.  We like the space for all of it.  A close feel for the audience, a chance to be there "at the beginning" and a chance to help a new place flourish. 

Our county is always what comes to mind when we use the term "Muskegon".  We are diverse in so many ways, and "diversity" isn't just a term that gets batted around when it comes to color.  We are a county of agriculture as much as we are one of tourism and industry and to get a chance to drive out to Ravenna in any time of the growing season is a treat that anyone should take advantage of.  From the apple blossoms in the spring, to the rust of fall and the harvest, the agricultural contributions in Muskegon County were $91 Million dollars.....in 2012.  Think of how much that has gone up to by now?  Ravenna is an important part of our community.

This summer has been nothing short of amazing.  To see so much happening at such a strong pace with attendance being great and the atmosphere being on filled with incredible energy and a feeling of real togetherness, being in the middle of it all is RIGHT where we want to be.  The other awesome thing to see is that of our events, both new and old, they are all continuing to flourish...even the 39th year of Parties in the Park in Downtown Muskegon on Friday nights. 

Friday night July 7th - Hackley Park in Beautiful Downtown Muskegon it's going to be another incredible evening of music, friends and fun as Party in the Park welcomes The North 41 and Crossroads on the stage and the park will be filled with help from the Muskegon Sports Council.  What sets this one a part?  Two of the most endeared and rapidly growing attractions in town coming together is what jumps out immediately.  Our Downtown Muskegon Area and the Muskegon Sports Complex, which used to be just the "Winter Sports Complex".  Bill Bailey helps explain how it's become a year round sports complex! 


Even the ride to the Muskegon Sports Complex sets the tone for the experience.  The curvy road and the rolling hills are a first step to changing your mindset.  It's a great way to cleanse kids of the idea of electronics and phones and have them set their sites on things like trees, dunes and experiences other than TicTok.  In years past, it was a winter destination but the group that runs this treasure of our county has been at it for a few yearss adding all season amenities that attract adventurers from all over the area and region.

From giant rock climbing walls to a summer rolling luge track, archery and tree top canopy tours on zip lines, the Muskegon Sports Complex has blossomed into a year round not for profit place where no matter your preference for fun, a stroll or something extreme.... it's right there.  If you are camping at the State Park across the street or just coming in from Fruitport for the day, the Muskegon Sports Complex offers it all.

It's a dedicated group that have made this all happen too.  Some of which all maintain jobs outside of their work at the Complex and volunteer their time to make this incredible place "ours".  If you are in support of such a thing and would like to do your part without really breaking your back, hey...it's only a matter of Hackley Park, Friday from 5-9 in Downtown Muskegon!  We'll plan on seeing you there. 

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