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We hope the holiday weekend provided you the rest and respit that was needed by so many.  The holiday weekends seem to come and go so much faster anymore and to take a break after the way Becky worked everyone out in the month of May, it was well overdue.  Well, she's back this week and relying on body weight and dumbbells to get the work done!

If you're one of our regular followers of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson, you've not only taken on a new way of maintining a balance in life but you've probably notcied that Caitlin is working on a new addition to the family and we are super excited for her!  As she's in the final few weeks of her term, we're rolling back on some of her earlier segments, as it's been amazing to watch her audience grow in the few short months she's been here with us, and you may have missed some of the first few episodes!

You ready for some sincerely super cool innovation that can change the life of just about anyone who is at risk of cardiovascular problems due to AFib?  Wait, let's roll back a bit first.  Are you one of the people who sit there night after night hearing about AFIB and wonder "Ok, AFib..I am gathering it's something I'd rather not have but what is it?"  That's kinda what the thought is around here, then after you hear the buzzwords and then comes the list of possible side effects of the medication which could be anything from hair loss, to teeth falling out and aliens coming to take you away, the word AFib gets buried in the back of your mind again with the thought of "Man, I hope that never happens to me."

As the pressure comes down on all that we've been through, the need shifts from messaging about how to protect to how to come back. Christine Robere of the United Way of the Lakeshore is here to talk about some places where you can find help if you are in need and places where you can give help if you so desire. How Kellogg's is helping food pantries this Summer with the United Way. We're also talking about some of the things that we all love that are coming back, but maybe at a new date this year like Taste of Muskegon, Ride United and more.

In a world where the only constant is change, well, it's really great to know that change happens but the essentials are there and provided for all in Muskegon.  Hackley Hospital was consolidated into the new Mercy Hospital and it left a lot of people worried about access to care, close to home when they needed it most and while it took some gears turning behind the scenes, it's been done and what was once the Hackley Emergency Room, is now Hackley Community Care's "Now Care" and the services are being expanded to meet more needs by a growing presence when it comes to the care of us all in Muskegon.

A stroke is a blockage of blood flow to the brain, or a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.  Signs of a stroke are a side of your face drooping, speech difficulties and weakness on one side of the body.  The immediacy and urgency of a stroke is in the fact that once it starts brain cells begin to die almost instantly and the damage is profound.  This is why Mercy Health is working to promote Stroke Awareness Month in May.

It's a continuation of what has been called "Merciless May" on Fit and Healthy with Becky on the Muskegon Channel.  We're not sure just what sparked it or why Becky picked May to get you to tone up and get back to work, but she means business this month and this week, you're going to be rowing, kicking and doing all kinds of other things to make you sweat.  I wonder if she had a premonition about everything opening back up come July?  She's awesome and all that, but psychic?  Hmm?

Last week, simple breathing techniques.  This week, it's a 3 step breathing technique and Caitlin Anderson is once again showing you that there's a lot more to yoga than just being flexible and able to make good stretches'.  It's a complete body and mind experience that's been practiced for 1000's of years and while the most of us have not been around that long, those who practice it must be doing something right. 

Caitlin is pretty close to a visit from the stork.  So a couple of breathing techniques are pretty well suited for the time being.  It's all part of what she teaches and is working toward a higher degree of certification in her ability to practice while showing off her ancient discipline and bringing new people in to the fold.  It's a passion combined with her good wishes for a happier and healthier world and being able to extend that out past a traditional studio or class size, that's what it's all about in the world of media.

So, breathe deep and let's get to your moment of weekly Zen on a Sunday Morning as we learn a little more about yoga on Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson on The Muskegon Channel! 


As the way things are going, after hearing some of the news this week about mask mandates and group gatherings etc. maybe the new arrival for Caitlin is just in time.  We'll keep right on keeping on here, and as she continues to build a following and log in hours of instructor time, that dream of a studio of her own someday, it's sure feeling more like a reality isn't it?  If you'd like to know more about Caitlin and what she's got to offer, click on the Tranquil Waves Yoga logo below and visit her website for more information!

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Are ya ready? It's time to shift gears away from the "panic" and stats as we progress toward what's going to be done in Muskegon to help reach those who've not been able to get to a vaccine if they want one or to help clarify what's available and where and to what age groups.

Well, we warned you last week that it wasn't going to be a breeze this month on Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Mercy Health.  It's getting to be go time on Summer fun and as things ease up on pandemic restrictions we hope very much that you've kept up with her here on the Muskegon Channel, if not, you might be huffin' and puffin' on this weeks work out, but you'll get it done!  

No sweat, no strain.  We're just going to work on breathing this week with Caitlin Anderson on Tranquil Waves Yoga.  The benefits of a regulated practice of simple, deep yogic breathing include: Muscle Relaxation. Increase in energy levels. Reduced anxiety, depression and stress. Lower/stabilized blood pressure.  Let's jump right in to episode 18 of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson on the Muskegon Channel!

Kathy Moore is the director of Public Health - Muskegon County and she's here with her weekly update. First up, the "Vac to Normal" program and the details that fall into place of us getting back to work. There are some important details including MIOSHA. Muskegon is trending down with the exception of mortality rate in Muskegon County. People have passed away after the vaccine, none of which have been in Muskegon County and they are microscopic numbers. We could see seasonal surges still over the next couple years. We agree that all of our lives are thrown way off. It's hard. Stay safe, wash hands, social distance. "We're in this Together" a year later and the exhaustion. This is National Nurses Week! Stop and thank a nurse or someone in the medial field. We'll see you next week!

It's a Monday and it's time to get up and get moving with Becky on Fit and Healthy With Becky.....but.....you're kinda in for it this month.  Becky is going to be pushing a little teeny tiny extra hard on most of the work out's this month from The Gym in North Muskegon because, it's go time!  It's May, things will be warming up and you need to be in the best shape you can be!  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Mercy Healthy and when you dive in this week, be ready to rope.  She's getting out one of those big giant work out ropes you see on TV sometimes....ya know, where the big tough football players are ever fighting to stay alive.....we warned ya.  As always, please consult a Dr. before you begin this or any workout.  Warm up, stretch out and drink lots of water, here we go!

Welcome to a relaxing Sunday Morning with Caitlin Anderson and Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.  It's a weekly feature that's an awesome break from the hectic pace and daily grind and this ancient art has not made it this far because it's not beneficial to millions world wide.  If you're new to it, totally cool....you're in the privacy of your own home, you have nothing to worry about.  If you've been at it for a while, here's a great chance to participate and above all, if you like what you see...share away!

5-5-21 | Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County. We discuss the Governors "Vac to Normal" program when restrictions will be lifted as vaccination levels are attained. Muskegon County is right on par with the program with the percentages. Will there be a necessity for the "card", Kathy doesn't think so. Some of the restrictions were lifted yesterday like up to 100 people at an outdoor gathering. Availability of testing and vaccines is getting really simple at your local drug store or health care facility. Call ahead and make sure though. Stay the course on precautions, wash hands, stay a safe distance and don't hang all over each other just yet.

It's go time.  Happy Monday from Fit and Healthy on the Muskegon Channel and Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Mercy Health.  It's action filled!  It's packed with energy.  You'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Ok, that might have gone a little over the top but we're into this show for 188 episodes for a reason...people are watching and getting fitter and healthier!

Can you feel the calmness of a Sunday morning in the air?  Can you feel the Zen falling all around you?  The soft music, the gentle splash of the waves?  Or maybe you hear Spongerbob off in the background.  Well, it's time to turn him off and settle in for a few minutes of peace with Caitlin Andreson on the Muskegon Channel with Tranquil Waves Yoga.  

Caitlin is bringing a new experience to you this week, it's a gentle core and back sequence that will give you some flexibility along with some time to quiet your mind and reset some of those joints you don't take such good care of week in and week out.  She's banking up quite a few episodes now, so you can always find more on deman here or on the Muskegon Channel for Roku or Amazon Fire TV devices, but for now let's dig in to episode 17 of Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.

Kathy Moore Director of Public Health - Muskegon County shares COVID news on our weekly update. We're a touch late as she had a family matter. Johnson and Johnson is back and deemed safe once again. Andy wonders about the difference between men and women when in comes to side effects. What about a mask with a clear screen in it? Safe? CDC has new guidelines for those fully vaccinated for outdoor activities. Will be on the County website later today. What about those skipping the second dose? Numbers? How we doing? Is testing still going on? Yep! Find out where. Some final thoughts on moving to the next stage while we adapt and change. We check out for this week and we'll see you then.

"Your 2000 Parts".  You may remember that from the old soap commercial, or maybe it's such ancient history that it's long been forgotten.  Anyway, you are going to be using all your 2000 parts for this work out and nothing more.  There will be times when you find some of your 2000 parts on the floor, they may be reaching for the sky, maybe criss crossing, jumping....starting to get the picture?

Have a hard time turning it off at night?  Truth be told, most probably do.  From the stress of daily life to the the amount of screen time we spend on out TV's, phones, tablets etc, by the time it's time for bed, the level of input is just being processed.  We are overwhelmed if we want to admit it or not.  Well, this week Caitlin Anderson has some simple relaxing steps to take to settle your mind and body before bed and hopefully you rest a little more soundly. 

We begin with SNOW. So, don't blame us. The big news this week a northern are vaccination clinic. Public Health – Muskegon County is offering a “walk-in” opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, April 23 from 8:30 am to 4:00pm at the Viking Athletic Center, 541 E. Slocum St. Whitehall. Age 16 and older; parent or guardian must accompany those under 18. Pfizer vaccine will be administered. How are the numbers? Kathy says not panic worthy but not to let caution go to the wind. How it monitoring going for restaurants that are over capacity? Kathy again thanks all the front line workers and we'll see you next week.

So, you wake up only to find that the work you did to premiere Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel has some how gotten lost and that it all starts over.  YAY!  It's been that kind of week folks.

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County makes her weekly visit about COVID-19. Still kind of too early to tell if there will be a Spring Break spike. We hope not. Andy asks to have "antigen test" explained. How tests are not duplicated. To the mail bag. Questions answered about particular kinds of masks as well as any statistics on those who've have vaccinations who still get COVID-19. The actual thoughts behind the J&J vaccine. COVID-19 is still new and ever changing, mask up, wash hands and stay tuned to the Muskegon Channel for vaccination clinic updates.

Were you surprised last Monday when Becky didn't pop up at 6a to get your week going?  It was Spring Break and you've put a lot in, so, in her infinite wisdom she granted a week off!  See?  She's not all work and no play.  But we're back to it and ready to roll now that the break is over and she's trying a little different approach. 

Happy Sunday!  Hopefully you're waking to a relaxing morning and a great start!  This week we don't have a lot of explaining to do when to comes to what Caitlin Anderson is doing when it comes to Tranquil Waves Yoga.  No big hard words, no articulate explanations of how you're going to contort.  Just a seated stretch for your lower back and legs!

Kathy Moore is the director of Public Health - Muskegon County and we're talking COVID-19 in the county for April 7th 2021. Spring Breaks is a very welcome relief to many all that's being asked, personal responsibility and accountability and basic courtesy in hygiene. Michigan and a handful of other states have increased positive cases, Kathy explains why in plain English. Variants that have emerged in Muskegon County. How wording in media effects reaction to what's intended when you hear it from different organizations. Certain language needs to be used at times and the general public might not get it. How to proceed? Some are ready to go faster, others are still "in the slow lane" and consideration between everyone is essential. There is TESTING available this weekend at MCC on Sunday from 11a-6p. A rapid test followed by the standard test if the rapid test shows positive. This testing is from the Muskegon Area ISD. What to expect over the next few weeks? Probably an uptick but the sky isn't falling. We all want back to normal. We'll do it again next week.

It's becoming one of the more sought after segments here on the Muskegon Channel!  Tranquil Waves Yoga with Catilin Anderson is catching on and her weekly faithful are either coming here to learn Yoga or keep up on what they already know.....or maybe they are just over due for a few minutes of quiet and relaxing interaction where the mind body and spirit can relax a little.  Sure, we launch the stories on Sunday mornings but the good vibes can be had any time right here online or on the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amamzon Fire TV devices.  It's just a great honor to have Caitlin with us and sharing her passion with the audience.

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County updates us on COVID in Muskegon County. The very successful clinic at Muskegon Community College last weekend was thanks to so many. How a clinic goes without any waste. Age groups are opening to anyone at this point. Younger people are showing more signs of infection, gradual but steady and hospitalization is increasing but manageable by Mercy Health who Kathy gives very high praise to. Some of this increase is due to the older age groups being vaccinated. Spring Break tips, please stay safe.


With the all age groups opening up, it's more important now than ever to get registered to get your vaccination.  You can use either link below to register at Muskegon County or Meijer for your chance to help stop the spread.

mask up

meijer covid

For the last few weeks, Becky has been implementing some different tools around the gym to help you get the most out of what your are putting in to being Fit and Healthy.  She strives weekly to find ways to keep you motivated, engaged and things changed up so boredom doesn't become a factor in the repetition of what's going on.  Keep in mind too, that switching up what you're doing and what you're doing it with adds to the progress your body gets internally keeping muscle groups wondering what's next and activating "pieces parts" you may have ever forgotten about.  That's where all that Certified Personal Trainer stuff comes in.  She's kind of a big deal.

Here comes the sun!  Well, half of it anyway!  Caitlin Anderson is here with a new yoga sequence for you this week on Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel!  A half sun salutation is the part of the full sequence that is done at the front of your mat before you step or jump back. It is often used as a warm-up for the longer sequence and is a good way to start a home practice session.  It's a calming and relaxing way to begin your week with a a little care for your mind and body!  Caitlin loves to share the discipline with all of us and from the incredibly steady numbers she sees weekly here, we're pretty happy to say, her passion is catching on!

Kathy Moore Director of Public Health - Muskegon County speaks today about Covid in Muskegon. The biggest news is that there is FREE OPEN CLINIC SATURDAY for ANYONE 60 OR OLDER at Muskegon Community College beginning at 9am. This is a chance to get it done before the age groups open wide. Covid is still out there, and numbers are ticking up, with younger and younger age groups. Spring Break is coming up. Please remember to do your part even when taking some time off. How does Kathy address those who are in denial or defiant still? An amazing answer to this. Final reminder FREE AND OPEN CLINIC SATURDAY TO ANYONE 60+ AT MUSKEGON COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

Walk-in COVID-19 vaccination clinic being held March 27 for Muskegon County residents 60+ and their spouses.

It's the return of the kettle bell!  Yes, it's an innocent enough looking thing being just a ball with a handle on it, but...the deception is in the density of it all and how they can manage to pack in so much weight into a tiny little device like this...well, that's why the fitness guru's are making the big bucks and keeping people in such good shape.  Think of it however as something that can give you a multitude of use, it's pretty easy to store if you just tuck it away behind a coffee table or couch and when you break it out to use it, you're adding all kinds of superhero powers to your strength training and cardio work out!

We're a dozen deep!!  Tranquil Waves Yoga is a pre-teen on the Muskegon Channel and this week, Caitlin is going to start showing some moves that some might struggle with at times.  We've see all kinds of things in the beginners stages, but this week it's a transition from one pose to another and it's going to require a little balance, strength and since it's new...there may even be blooper reel, but that's perfectly of because you are in the privacy of your home and learning an entirely new thing.  Sure, there might be a kid or a dog watching, but they could use a laugh.  :)

Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County joins us a ay early this week to discuss COVID in Muskegon for the week of March 16h. ZERO deaths from COVID in March or the last 2 weeks of Feb. Amazing news. How has COVID help Muskegon shine when it comes to those who rally together to solve problems. It's truly been remarkable. Common courtesy and the adaptability of our society compared to others. Where did the cold and flu season go? Find out! The speed of vaccinations, the age groups being focused on and how quickly things will open up for everyone. Final thoughts of deep gratitude from Kathy for everyone who's pitched in.

It's beautiful new week on tap and Becky is ready to help get you toned up for Spring with a lower body workout this week.  We're at The Gym in North Muskegon and ready to reshape those legs, thigs and buttocks so when the swim suit season is finally upon us, all you'll have to really worry about is getting a nice healthy little tan on them and then strut your stuff all up and down the beach.  It's part of Becky's over all approach of making sure that from your head down to your toes, you're in the best shape you can muster and she's here to guide you every step of the way.

There's another one of those new words!  Here you thought that we'd only be doing some body moves and stretching stuff on Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson.  Nope!  Not here on the Muskegon Channel!  You're getting the whole immersive experience lingo and all so that when you have had your samples here and things get back to "normal" and you're thinking about being part of a yoga experience in person, you'll walk right in ready to go!  We're super smart like that! 

  MUSKEGON, Mich. March 12, 2021, Mercy Health Muskegon and Public Health Muskegon County hosted a discussion to update media and the public on the community’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution response. The update included information on their goals for vaccinations, a new vaccine clinic activation at Shape Corporation and additional planned efforts to help make the vaccine accessible for our more vulnerable populations.

An update from Kathy Moore at Public Health - Muskegon County for March 10th. Muskegon County numbers are still lower than surrounding communities and that's a good thing. 2 variants have been found in the county and they are being monitored closely. Our timeline on returning to normal and why things are still getting cancelled. Vaccines are coming in to Muskegon at a much more steady pace. People can turn down a particular manufacturer of a vaccine and wait, however they can't pick and choose. Setting up a specialty clinic for members of the community under special circumstances. The next few steps? Slow and steady as it goes, please follow the relaxed guidelines but be cautious and how thankful we all are to have the community we do around us. We're the best at circling the wagons in Muskegon.

Here we are!!!  Spring fever is grabbing hold quick and we're all ready for the sun, sand and the great outdoors.  However, let's take a look at those chicken wings you've got going there.  Hey, it's time to face the music that tank tops are coming back out and a little toning up can't hurt.  While we're at it, how about a little help for the rest of the upper body?  Well, my friend, you've come to the right place!  It's a new week and a new episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel brought to you by Merch Health!

Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson is the Sunday morning we love to provide!  Take away the hustle and bustle of the daily 9-5 and focus on yourself for a little bit.  Let go of the stress, try something new when it comes to your mind and body and use the comfort of your own home to see if it's right for you and if so, take the next step to a virtual visit with Caitlin for the time, and when she opens her own place, you can dive in head first. 

Any Muskegon County resident who is 75 and older and has not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine can quickly do so at a local health provider.

We catch up on the numbers and percentages. All trending down and good. Vaccinations are going quicker and the call is out to anyone 65 or older to get it done. If there's been any confusion, call and make an appointment 65+ Kathy has "5 Minutes of Facts" on some of the speculation, fear and reactions all over. Great advice on how to adapt on easing restrictions, where to still be safe and when to give a little if you see something and what to report if you feel the need. How the vaccine is going community to community. The J&J vaccine arrived today. Fatigue all around and we'll plan on hopefully more good news next week!

By Roger Rapoport

Muskegon County's outstanding mental health services will be the focus of a special Zoom event Wednesday March 3 at 4:30 pm.  Coming Up For Air Director Robert Cicchini, will join Actor/Production Designer Kirk Wahamaki, Health West’s Michael Pyne and myself, the film’s producer and co-screenwriter, for this hour long community conversation.

Welcome to Monday and a new opportunity to shine!  Becky is ready to roll at The Gym in North Muskegon on the 4 Corners and this week she's packing a step to add in a little variety and resistance.  Becky's workout's are always planned to be accessible to just about any fitness level.  If you are just starting out and don't have all of the stuff, that's ok.  A step on your stairs will do just fine.  If you are a little more advanced and have some of the equipment you see, great get to it!  The important thing is...participation at any level.  It's just as simple as moving.