Tue, Oct

Fit and Healthy With Becky Episode 106 - Gliders!


We're in a different location for the next few weeks.  The Muskegon Country Club was gracious enough to welcome us for a few weeks to change up the scenery and to use some of their unique equipment.  It's a beautiful setting and a great change of pace for a few weeks!  

Today, Becky is bringing in some "sliders".  Now, to some.. "sliders" are the reason you need to work out anyway.  You know...the $1 hamburgers that you woof down when you're clearly not thinking about your fitness or waistline.  No, sliders today are some small pads you put under your hands and feet and base your workout around motion with them as well as maintaining balance in your core.

As always, consult a Dr. before you begin this or any work out program.  Stretch out, warm up and drink plenty of water!  Episode 106 of Fit and Healthy with Becky happens now on The Muskegon Channel.

Boom! You now have a degree in sliders!  Keep up the great work!  Becky is a Certified Personal Trainer and is available in multiple settings.  Group, one on one sessions and more if you'd like to take your workout to the next level!  She's also the Race Director for the Arts and Drafts 5k coming up in Norton Shores!  Click on the photo below and get yourself in the race!