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Fit and Healthy With Becky Episode 121 - A Healthy Balance


A healthy balance can mean a lot of things.  For this episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky however, it's not about balanced diet, lifestyle or direction.  It's all about making sure your balance is good and you are strong enough down the core to not fall over!  Balance!

We spend so much time worrying about arms, legs and body shape.  But none of that really matters if everything else is neglected and we can't even stand up straight.  A healthy core, strong back, hips and more are part of today's work out and the prerequisite materials needed are simple.  Becky brings out a mat!  Don't have a mat?  You're floor will be just fine!  

Fit and Healthy With Becky is also now available on the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  If you have either device, simply visit your channel store for the free download and add it to your line up for Fit and Healthy and other selected long form programming you'll find!  It's just another way we're working to stick to getting the word out further than Muskegon and sharing our story with the rest of the world! 

Just like any other exercise program, please consult a physician before you begin to make sure you are in ok condition to begin.  You'll want to warm up, stretch out and remember to drink plenty of water.  Here we go with episode 121 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel!


Just like that, you're done!  If you'd like more, Becky offers both group and one on one settings for a more focused work out.  We film at The Gym on the 4 corners in North Muskegon which offers everything you need for a great workout in a comfortable and mature setting.  The Gym is also locally owned and engaged in the community, so stop in and see them and take a tour.  Learn a little more about what they offer for anyone looking to get in better shape!


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