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All Right!  You got last week off to stuff yourself with turkey and all the fixin's as well as save some energy for shopping and maybe a little merry making at your favorite party spot.  But!  When that alarm went off Monday morning, it was back to business as usual for the next few weeks and it's time to make sure you are doing all you can to stay in shape for the next big round of holiday fun!!  That's why Becky is here and ready to go with episode 124 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on the Muskegon Channel! 

This week, simplicity is once again the idea.  A medicine ball, a mat....or just the floor will do.  It's a practice in some balance and technique as well as some moves you might not expect that can have an impact, but...being a Certified Personal Trainer like Becky is, she knows even where the littlest of muscles hide and she finds a way to make all of them do their part!

As always, consult a Dr. before you start this or any other work out program.  Warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water!  Here comes episode 124 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel! 


It's the final stretch of 2019!  You've worked so very hard to be a part of Fit and Healthy with Becky and we can't thank you enough!!  Becky is so passionate about making the lives of others better by her work!  It all adds to the over all well being of you...your family and our community as a whole!!  Are you looking for a last minute Christmas gift idea?  Take a look at the photo below!  Becky is offering healthy cooking classes at Kitchen 242 and the next one is January 19th.  You take what you make and it's an easy and affordable way to have some healthy meals ready to go for your busy schedule!!  Give her a call and get in on the fun while you can!

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