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Mercy Health - The Ride - Mercy Health Arena Muskegon March 7th


You may have stumbled on it over the years.  I mean, it's not every day you walk into a big public place like the mall and find a bunch of people riding stationary bikes with loud music playing, people screaming and cheering, wild costumes, fun themes and the smell of sweat in the air.  You may have participated.  Hey, Muskegon is a hot bed for people who are serious about their bikes!  Be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, we've got lots of beautiful areas for people on bikes.  Trails, dunes, bike paths and scenery abound and our bike community works together to support each other as well as the areas they ride.  We're talking about "The Ride" put on by Mercy Health and while you may have seen or heard about it, did you know?  It's not only a great event, it's a HUGE part of benefiting cardiac care in Muskegon!


The Ride itself has since moved from The Lakes Mall to Mercy Health Arena in Downtown Muskegon.  March 7th will be the second year at the new Downtown location and the entry fees and sponsorship's of this remarkably fun event all go to help those in Muskegon who need a little hand with their health care, and some of the programs that Mercy provides as an outreach to the community.  Those programs include, free heart screenings for high school students, specialized equipment for the Mercy Health Heart Center and scholarships for those who are in need of cardiac rehabilitation but their insurance doesn't quite cover the full cost of their needed treatment.  It's an outstanding way to not only help someone out, but to get yourself out of the house for some fun, exercise and maybe even a win....that is if you are competitor enough. philanthropyVisit the Office Of Philanthropy Online

All of this comes from the Office of Philanthropy for Mercy Health in Muskegon.  They organize events through out the year and find ways to make up the difference for those in our area who need a hand.  The level of care provided in Muskegon is world class to say the very least, and the Office of Philanthropy relies on it's work and our community to be a part of the solution for people in Muskegon to be able to receive that care, right here where they need it.  The Ride is one of the big events.  They also host The Tree of Lights, The Benefit Ball and the Home and Hearth Luncheon.  You can learn more about these events by clicking on the photo to the right to visit the Office of Philanthropy's web page.

For today, I popped into the Mercy Heart Health Center, which is more like a state of the art fitness center cleverly disguised as a Dr.s office, to visit with Blair Moreau who's in charge of the place as well as Edward Beegle who's been a part of The Ride for years as a volunteer and utilizes the Heart Center after his quadruple bypass years ago and he's still going strong thanks to the family atmosphere and wonderful surroundings and culture created in this incredible facility.  Take a listen.



A remarkable way to accomplish a few things at once.  One, let's get people out of the house and moving!  Two, let's find a unique and fun way to help strengthen our community while we build a little togetherness and, three...let's make sure that the care that is needed for everyone is right here in Muskegon so when the time comes it's needed we all know we did our part for the greater good.  

There is still time to be a part of this years event.  Riders and teams are welcome and the need for volunteers is there too!!  Come for the ride, or come for the experience of helping...or stop in and watch!  Be at the Mercy Health Arena March 7th for The Ride.  Click on the photo below to get "rolling". 

ride arena