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Sun, May

Kathy Moore - Muskegon County Public Health Director Speaks


We're doing all we can at the Muskegon Channel to maintain a sense of normalcy, but we are also right out front working day after day to bring you as much news and information as we can directly from Muskegon County officials as fast as we can.


One instant way you can hear directly from them id to seek out the Muskegon County Municipal News group in Facebook.  It's a non commercial, non political page designed to give our county leaders a chance to post directly to it along with moderators who are watching all day to see news that is essential.  You can also watch for Facebook live events and we're also adding more and more to the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire Tv, so check your channel store for that free download.  Channel 96 on the Muskegon Xfinity System is also a good source for information and we're working daily to keep things updated there and on demand too at the Channel 96 Muskegon website.

Today, Andy O'Riley had a chance to talk with Muskegon County Public Health Director Kathy Moore about the Covid 19 statistics in Muskegon County.  The importance of staying home.  Testing.  Why testing doesn't effect treatment and how to be safe on the job if you are an essential worker.  Take a listen.


Our thanks to Kathy for taking some time today to talk about our local action going on about Covid 19. Everyone is being pushed to the limit right now and information is essential.  To stay up to the minute, please find the link to the Muskegon County Department of Public Health linked below.  Stay safe!

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