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Mon, May

Muskegon Surgical Associates - Here For Muskegon, Here For Good


Muskegon Surgical Associates has been a key part for me since December.  They asked a week ago if we could help get the word out that they were still open, and seeing patients on an urgent and emergency basis and we of course were happy to welcome them.  If you don't recall, I woke up with a stomach ache one morning and by that afternoon, life changed dramatically and it was the caring hands of Dr. Jennifer Bradley of Muskegon Surgical Associates that I pulled though.  


I had diverticulitis, which in my case was an emergency.  I was brought to the hospital in an ambulance and within hours all that went wrong was fixed and the process of recovery began.  We are extremely fortunate to have a group of talented and caring surgeons like we do here in Muskegon.  Muskegon Surgical Associates performs general surgery like mine, they also offer vascular, hand and plastic surgery along with a host of other aesthetic and medical spa treatments for their patients.  Some communities our size...you may have to travel to the "big city" for such a level of care, but the world class treatment is right here, in Muskegon and ready for anyone on the Lakeshore.  As they state in their introduction.  "Here for you, Here for Good" 91108291 2897360683643312 9204582860604833792 nFollow Muskegon Surgical Associates on Facebook

Today, some of their work is on a pause.  Yes, everyone is working in a challenging environment now a days.  The essentials though....they are still going on and in ways you might have never thought,  Visit a surgeon to talk about hernia pain with tele-medicine?  They are doing it.  An office visit for something that you might otherwise have to be at the hospital for?  They are equipped.  How about a peek at a scar with a Zoom chat?  It's happening with Muskegon Surgical Associates.  If you are in need of medical care from a surgeons office, call first and talk to them...let them guide you to the proper choice of treatment.  Of course, if you have a life threatening emergency, call 9-11.

Dr. Stephen Zonca is a Surgeon at Muskegon Surgical Associates.  He was able to find the time this morning to visit with me a little to talk about the practice and explain some of the process they are asking patients to use at the moment.  We also talk a little about the medical community as a whole and the impact our times are having.  Take a listen to our discussion.


Thank you Dr. Zonca for the time and insight.  Muskegon Surgical Associates has been serving Muskegon for nearly 50 years.  Their care for the community extends well beyond their patients.  When you walk in, you can feel the entire culture there is one of good.  They take their message out to the public with educational opportunities.  They help people out in their scariest of moments.  Their internal culture seems to reflect everything that they stand for.  "Here for you, Here for good."  On a very personal note...without Muskegon Surgical Associates and their action in my life, this article wouldn't be here.  Very humbly, thank you.  You can learn more about their practice by visiting their website below.

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