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Mon, May

Hackley Community Care - Integrity Respect Compassion Quality


We were all set to welcome Hackley Community Care as a new sponsor on the April episode of Muskegon Tonight Live as it was scheduled to happen at Smash Wine Bar and Bistro on the evening of the 22nd.  Our plans like so many others got changed, it's been a bit of fill in the gaps for us like anyone else, but we're getting pretty good at adaptation and making things work.  We are very thankful to Hackley Community Care for their sponsorship of our work here, on Positively Muskegon, Muskegon Channel Radio, and Channel 96 Muskegon.


If you're not familiar, Hackley Community Care is an amazing organization.  The are an all encompassing health campus focusing on medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, OB and women's health and school programs.  They have incredible values, principles and philosophical approaches to everything they do.  Is it good for the patient?  Is it good for the staff?  Is it good for the organization?  Is it good for the community?  These are the kinds of questions asked when it comes to the operation of their campus.  Hackley Community Care does receive funding from Health and Human Services as well as Federal Public Health, so they are able to serve the community as a whole.  hcc fbFollow Hackley Community Care on Facebook

In a time when medical care has never been more in focus and the need for all of us to be healthy, the idea that Hackley Community Care is there to serve the entire community has never been better.  Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, Hackley Community Care was able and ready to meet the needs.  You may remember, we had a bit of another local emergency here before all of our current situation arose.  A large, local medical provider's future came into question.  There was a lot of uncertainty for a great many people.  Hackley Community Care was on top of their game and taking new patients and adding providers almost immediately.  They are a forward moving organization and ready to serve on so many levels, treating the whole individual, in one place.  

Linda Juarez is the CEO of Hackley Community Care.  She goes way beyond just that role in Muskegon too.  She's on multiple boards like Every Woman's Place, The United Way, 1 in 21 and more.  Like all of us in Muskegon, multiple hats are worn.  Linda joined Andy O to talk a little about Hackley Community Care, take a listen.  






What a resource for the community.  We're very thankful for the help of Hackley Community Care to keep us working.  We're also thankful that they are here for the community like they are.  If you need health care that encompasses every aspect of your wellness, look no further than Hackley Community Care.  As Linda said, it's as simple as a phone call to get started. 231-737-1335 or you can visit their website by clicking below. 


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