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Muskegon County Public Health Director Kathy Moore COVID 19 Update May 15th


Public Health - Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore joins Andy O'Riley for her weekly update for Muskegon on COVID-19. It's another fairly good news week. An update on the official numbers in the county. A huge outbreak isn't expected, however we might see numbers go up due to the increase of testing. Good things are happening, people are getting antsy..we all know it, there's light at the end of the tunnel, but it won't be Pre-COVID for a while. Thoughts and resources on best practices for the reopening of things. How to prepare and maintain precautions. Some talk about bars, restaurants and their reopening practices, they are already ahead, patrons might have to rethink some stuff as they frequent. The message in Muskegon is to stay safe and breathe a small sigh of relief.


We're doing our very best to keep you updated.  If you'd like to follow updates directly from the Muskegon County Public Health Office, you can click on the link below to connect directly to their website.  You can also find the information you need on the Muskegon Channel Radio App.  It's a free download for either Iphone or Andriod devices. 

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