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Mon, May

Hackley Community Care Now Offering COVID Curbside Testing


Whew!  We've been at this whole COVID thing for a while and honestly, it's taking it's toll on everyone!  From those infected by this dreaded new virus to those who have been displaced from the measures that have been taken to "Stop the Spread" and "Flatten the Curve", you'd be hard pressed to find anyone on Planet Earth who's not had some kind of off putting moment from COVID-19.  Even as things are starting to open up a little in Michigan and around the United States, we've got a long and uncertain road ahead of us until a vaccine is found, if one ever is.  The early days, when we all heard "The New Normal"?  Seems like ancient history, but the reality of that is that so much is still unknown, we've got to air to the side of caution and one thing that will be paramount, testing. 

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Testing early on was a log jam.  Everything in life was.  From the lack of toilet paper on shelves to the urgent need for testing supplies and then, the testing results, we found out quick that things were going to be a little uncomfortable for a while.  It's been a lesson in patience for some and certainly an eye opening experience for everyone about society.  We'll all bounce back.  We'll all adjust.  We'll all be ok.  We're seeing more and more that the things that were hard to impossible at one point are now moving with a little more regularity and that includes safe, accurate and efficient testing for COVID-19.  Our sponsor, Hackley Community Care wants you to know that they have curbside testing ready for you, if you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 and your Primary Care Doctor orders one for you.  The test isn't very comfortable, but it's quick and results will be back in 24-48 hours on average. 

We've been at COVID-19 so long, we thought that it might be best to kind of rewind a little and talk about it from the start.  What are the symptoms again?  Do you even remember after all that's been said about the subject?  Well, Tawna Vallance does.  Tawna is the Medical Director of Hackley Community Care and we sat down today to talk a little about their curbside testing.  As we work our way into the conversation, we recap what to look out for when it comes to suspecting COVID.  We also talk a little about the procedure of speaking to a Primary Care Doctor first and getting the test ordered and then proceeding to Hackley Community Care for "The Swab". 

Tawna also shares some thoughts about the virus and why it's so frightening to both the public and medical community.  Not a lot is understood about this new affliction and it's not like 50 years ago when the research took place quietly, and off Twitter.  She offers a lot of great insight.  Take a listen. 



Hackley Community Care is such a valuable asset in Muskegon.  They have help available for all when it comes to medical, dental and even mental health.  They have a pharmacy on site and serve all with integrity, respect, compassion and quality.  If you think you are having symptoms of COVID, please talk to your Primary Care Physician and see if testing is needed.  If it is needed, know that Hackley Community Care is ready to help you.  Our many thanks to Tawna for her time today to help explain it all again and for her unwavering care for our community and the people in it.  You can visit Hackley Community Care online by clicking below.

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