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Sat, Jan


Are we lucky to have such a great spot like Ross Park or what?  We filmed a few when we met up at Ross Park in Norton Shores a couple weeks back as things were easing up a little and the return to "normal" was just getting underway.  A little fresh air and a gorgeous setting just off Mona Lake was perfect to keep bringing you some of the best work out's around and keep you moving until your favorite spot re-opens!  We had a few weeks of reruns, and it's pretty good to be 147 episodes deep in this so if that ever has to happen again, we could always go back and find another on you have not done in a while, but we like to keep them new and fresh above all.


Becky is using the Tabata method again today.  20 second bursts of activity followed by 10 second breaks.  It's a great way to keep things moving, your body guessing and isolate some areas that could use attention!  This time, it's suggested you find some dumbbells.  They don't have to be huge.  Maybe 5-10 pounds.  But, if they are not handy, use what the Good Lord gave ya and get to it!

As always, please check with a Dr. before you begin this, or any workout program.  Warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of fluids.  It's time to roll on Episode 147 of Fit ans Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


We've got one more week in the park in the bank and it's anyone's guess where the road takes us next!  One thing's for sure, Becky is out to make sure the whole you is in great shape...body, mind and spirit!  That happens to include what you put in to that body, so, if you could use a hand with healthy and nutritious meals that are made for you in advance, priced affordably and available for pick up or delivery, you'll want to give Becky's other undertaking a try!  Click below for next weeks menu at West Michigan Meal Prep and get your order in!

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