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Hackley Community Care Open for All Services


We've long enjoyed our partnership with Hackley Community Care and continuing that, we're helping spread the word that this great resource for all of those in need of health care in Muskegon.  Hackley Community Care is open for all of their services and they are too going above and beyond in all the necessary safety measures when it comes to the health and safety of you and your family.


Hackley Community Care offers the full spectrum of health services.  Medical, Dental, OB and Women's Health Services, Pharmacy, School Programs and Behavioral Health.  Treating your health care goals with respect as an individual and respecting privacy.  Offering an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and inclusive and providing care that is up to date with the most modern technology. hcc logo whole life vertSubscribe to Hackley Community Care's YouTube Channel

Through the times of COVID, like any other organization Hackley Community Care has remained on the front line of service for their patients.  Some of their services were limited to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus, while they innovated other ways to help those effected find the treatment they needed with things like the drive up testing outside their facility or lending their help to the large scale testing events in and around Muskegon and Muskegon Heights.  While you might not hear the name Hackely Community Care as much as you do some other medical providers in Muskegon, they are absolutely a vital part of our communities health care and their work is incredible.

The have a series of short videos they asked us to share for you.  They are "explainer" videos that will tell you exactly what to expect when you visit Hackley Community Care for any of the services you need and they are encouraging you too, that if you been putting off seeking treatment for something you're wondering about...DON'T!  The are accepting new patients and welcoming current patients back for anything.  Take a look at the following shot instructional video's for the details.




Hackley Community Care is a compassionate and caring organization who's reach goes far beyond the walls of their building.  They have programs in schools to help kids, they work tirelessly to help those in need and their staff are dedicated to the people they serve with caring hearts and kindness.  If you'd like to know more about Hackley Community Care, please click on the link below and visit their website.  Our thanks to Hackley Community Care for all they do for all of us here in Muskegon.  Facebook Cover Medical Dental NP Cover Photo