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Free Carotid Artery Screening with Muskegon Surgical Associates


The Vascular lab Muskegon Surgical Associates is offering a Free Carotid Artery screening August 30th by appointments only. There is no need to have a doctor referral. All you have to do is call 739-1931 to schedule.


Andrea is a registered vascular technologist, she explained that we have two carotid arteries, one on each side of the neck. These arteries deliver blood to your head and brain. When you get plaque buildup or a blockage you are in risk of a stroke or other major medical emergency. Some of the early signs are numbness is your arms, fingers or face, blurred vision, slurred speech or even a severe headache.

You can add an ABI or aorta screen for $35/each or both for $60. If you would like to get any one of these screenings all you have to do is call 231-739-1931 and schedule an appointment. When you show up to your appointment it is recommended that you wear a loose-fitting top. When you get called back for your procedure you will come into your room, lay down on the bed and one of the 6 different registered vascular technologists will put some gel on the ultrasound wand. From there they will look at all of the things that they need to and will send you on your way with a print up of the findings you will be able to take to your primary care Physician.

Call 231-739-1931 to schedule your appointment. Their office is located at 1316 Mercy Drive, Muskegon, Michigan 49444.

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