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Welcome to Bluewater Wellness - Your Path to Wellness


We are very pleased to welcome a new sponsor to The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon, Bluewater Wellness of Spring Lake has joined us and they are excited about the new year and new opportunities to share their message about health and wellness from a different perspective than you may find at traditional medical offices. They are also excited too, to have the opportunity to show first hand what they can do by example as they are using one of our own, Andy O as part of a program.He is ready to curb his sugar cravings and away from the current diet and life style.  More on that in a few.  

Founded by Dr. Ramona Wallace and Pharmacist Deirdre Kohley, Bluewater Wellness is a team approach linked to you!  They are experienced professionals who practice disciplines from around the world and are passionate about what they do.  They look for the root cause of your problems, with a comprehensive look at your mind, body and spirit for starters, and they are very thorough.  During your hour long meeting they get to know your history, your goals, and concerns.  They ask some questions you might not even think have a bearing on your overall wellness. The first thing you will notice is that you are not rushed in and out like you might be in a traditional primary care office.  They want to know the whole you...inside and out and build their plan not only for you, but with you.

They offer programs that cover a wide variety of healthcare concerns.  From hormone health to fibromyalgia, weight loss, thyroid problems, menopause, chronic fatigue, diabetes and more are all systems problems that can be helped by a functional medicine approach.  The team at Bluewater Wellness will work with your primary care provider and you to customize a plan for you to follow for a few weeks and then for a lifetime.  They will determine your needs in a caring and compassionate interview and get you to decide how to best follow your path to feel your best again. In Andy's case, it's sugar.  While there is a strong family history of diabetes and although not diagnosed with even the early signs of it just yet, Andy got to the point of wondering if it might be time to make some adjustments and let the sugar go.  When Bluewater Wellness offered the chance to try, it couldn't be refused. 


Andy will be heading into a 12 week program.  To get things rolling, he stopped out to Bluewater Wellness on VanWagoner Road in Spring Lake to talk with Dr. Wallace and Dee Kohley to learn a little more about the program he was heading into, what was involved and to also let you know how you can benefit from this approach to medicine that's not the traditional "stick a band aid on it" that our insurance based medical systems allow.  Take a listen to their chat below.

We're going to be updating you on this as the program goes along.  Andy's committed himself to breaking the sugar habit and making this change.  If you wonder if there's a better approcah to what might be ailing you, it's time to try a new approach for yourself.  The staff at Bluewater Wellness is kind and caring and they offer a relaxing and warm atmosphere where they will take the time to get to know ALL of you and then, they will work to custom build you a plan to heal from within instead of just focusing on your symptoms.  They will determine with your input, what may be causing you to feel sick and tired.  Don't you owe it to yourself to feel better?  Call, stop in and meet the staff or go to one of their lectures and find out first hand just how a functional medicine approach to your issues can be a turning point for a healthier you. Visit http://bluewaterwellnessteam.com/


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