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A Return to Bluewater Wellness - A Progress Report on Andy


It's been just shy of a month since we welcomed new sponsor Bluewater Wellness to the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  Dr. Ramona Wallace and Pharmacist Dee Kohley were excited enough to be a part of the work we do they offered me a chance at a little health improvement to go along with the ad, so...I went with it.  It's a sugar thing.  I am a fan...I love sweets.  I like the heavy taste of chocolate...I like the taste of sweet and sour...ice cream....caramel....you name it.  Now, don't get me wrong...all things in moderation are good by me, but...at night...I'd binge.  In my mind, being a 14 year recovering alcoholic, I'd justify it.  "Hey, at least it's not booze", but in the end...it's still a pretty self defeating endeavor and I do have a pretty strong family history of diabetes.  So...how do you address it?  You admit there's an issue and grab for a safety rope. 

Now, to say that I have been perfect in my first few weeks, well, that would be a stretch...but...I have done MUCH better especially when it comes to the sheer volume of sugar I'd eat.  I have some new vitamins I am taking along with a pretty delicious powder that gets mixed up in an almond milk shake.  Have you ever had almond milk?  You know....it's really pretty good.  I like the vanilla flavor.  We've also retooled what I eat some.  I wasn't much of a processed food guy anyway, so that wasn't hard, but...getting to the point where I could cut out the candy, that took a little coaching.  Which I get weekly at Bluewater Wellness.  One on One.

I went back Wednesday night for a follow up with the Doc and Dee.  I also sat in on a presentation about their process and how they work to find the root cause of most health issues and work on those as opposed to the practice of seeing a problem, writing a prescription and sending you on your way.  There was quite a turn out.  There were people of all ages and lifestyles.  Men and women who wanted to know more and learn about "functional medicine" in the seminar that lasted a half an hour or so.  Take a listen to our chat to see what's happened to me so far and what's next in the process.  You can also learn more if you think what they do is right for you!

So far, so good for me.  I really enjoyed the information presented last night.  It was fun too to meet some other people who are interested too in the aspect of "functional medicine" and how it can help them.  After the talk, I even became a bit of a "work in progress" example.  I was able to share the results, some of the ups and downs I've found in the first few weeks and I gotta be honest...it was pretty cool to have people come up and say that they saw the first story on The Muskegon Channel!  

Stop in an learn a little more.  It might be the program and guidance you are looking for, and if not...I am willing to bet you will at very least take away a little knowledge about some health and nutrition ideas that can really benefit you and your family for the long term.  Stay tuned...we'll be back in a few more weeks to update you again from Bluewater Wellness!  Visit http://bluewaterwellnessteam.com/ .


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