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The Alzheimer's Association Of Michigan Plans 2018 in Muskegon


We've worked with The Alzheimer's Association for a while now, because, well, it's one of those things that sooner of later most all of us are going to have to face.  It's like any of our other plagues of the day....cancer, obesity, diabetes..sooner or later, we're all going to know someone who's had to deal with it.  It's a scary disease and unfortunately, there is no way to treat it yet.  But the work goes on.  

We've talked about some of the events to raise a few bucks to help, we've also helped let you know when world renowned speakers are coming to town to help you get the facts about Alzheimer's Disease and that they we'll put their words in the strictest of layman's terms so you can understand what's been done...where treatment is heading and how you as a family member or patient can best deal with all of the conditions that are attached to this dreadful diagnosis. 

We're proud to help share the stories and we've upped our efforts this year.  We welcomed Kayla Meyers back to The Muskegon Channel recently to talk about what 2018 will bring for Muskegon.  Some of which its the same, some of which has a little different twist on it, but the mission remains...information, action and awareness. Take a listen to our chat from Senior Resources the other day for a little preview of what 2018 will be in the Muskegon area in regards to The Alzheimer's Association activities.  It's going to be a busy year!

It's something that strikes a very personal chord.  As we've talked, hearing my dad talk about my grandfather forgetting who he was and asking him to "go find Pete".....it literally sent shock waves through me.  The unbearable thought of a lifetime of memory being wasted and the fact there is nothing we can do about it....horrific.  I have upped my willingness to help and I hope you will too.  To learn more about the Alzheimer's Association and do your part visit https://www.alz.org/.  We'll see and hear more throughout 2018 from The Alzheimer's Association, count on it.