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8 Weeks in at Bluewater Wellness - An Update


8 Weeks ago, we introduced you to Dee Kohley and Dr. Ramona Wallace as they came on to sponsor The Muskegon Channel and the Positively Muskegon blog.  The operate Bluewater Wellness on Vanwagoner Road and as we talked about their sponsorship, they asked if there was anything they offered I'd like to try and I said that a sugar cessation program, if available would be of interest.  I kind of got a smile out of them and they said "Ya, we think we can help."

 Well, its' been 8 weeks as mentioned, and I am down 2 pants sizes about 40 pounds and the sugar cravings...well, they pop up once in a while.  I don't think any life long craving ever goes away, but..over all, they are close to non existent and the results I have found were beyond my wildest imagination. 

I have had lots of questions about how it all works and what kind of diet I am on.  Done what I can to answer those, but one question keeps popping up and that's "What is the one on one session like?"  Well, let's answer it.  It's a comfortable setting.  It's a relaxing atmosphere and there is never a feeling of being "on the spot" or uneasy.  Dee is kind, caring and compassionate and works with you to find a path that's best and help you achieve the goals you set forth!  In fact...I sat down with her to talk about a one on one session at Bluewater Wellness...take a listen.

As I read the picture behind us - "When "I" is replaced by "We", even illness becomes wellness."  That is such amazing advise and something to live by.  There is strength in numbers when it comes to things that just seem unattainable.  You know my past and being part of a certain "anonymous" group back then in conjunction with the one on one counselling I worked on helped me immensely.  Today, the same thing holds true.  There's a hand to grab on to and a better way to feel better.  My thanks to Bluewater Wellness for exceeding any and all expectations I had going in.  If you'd like to know more,visit https://www.bluewaterwellnessteam.com/ .

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