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If you take a look at Andy O the first thing that comes to mind is probably "health nut" right?  Ok, maybe not but then again, not everything to do with great health is always visible from the surface.  Some of what might be making you not feel so good might be hiding beneath the surface and you won't know a thing about it until it's too late.  Well, Bluewater Wellness has a program that can help you learn a little more and can show some early warning signs in a painless and non invasive way that's as simple as a quick scan of your neck and Andy went in to try it out to show you how it's done.


The process is called a CIMT screening and that stands for "carotid intima-media thickness" test.  The doctor utilizes a very common tool called an Ultrasound Machine to take a peek at the arteries in your neck.  They take a look at the thickness of the tissue and gauge it to see if there is any build up of plaque which can lead to bigger problems down the road.  They will tell you too that this is a very preliminary peek.  They can get an idea pretty quick if you need further attention or if you are in ok shape.  By further attention, it could be a follow up with your Dr. or it could be a change in diet and exercise.  One thing that was really great, as you'll see in the video is that they tell you on the spot what's going on instead of getting the imaging done and then having to wait a week to hear back on it.

Dr. Alicia Williams is the visiting doctor who comes over from the Lansing area to do these simple scans, and she will return to Bluewater Wellness on April 27th if you think this is something that you can benefit from.  Take a look at how it all works with Andy O as the guinea pig in this segment here on The Muskegon Channel.

Pretty simple and easy huh?  The results are instant as well and you leave a little more knowledgeable right there on the spot about what could or couldn't be.  Bluewater Wellness is doing a LOT to help people stay healthy and live a better life so if you think this is something you can benefit from, click on the image below to link over to the Bluewater Wellness site and reserve your time on April 27th.  It might be something that saves your life.