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Shattering the Myths About Marijuana - DJ Hilson Set to Talk With Young People April 20th


Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson is passionate about protecting young people.  He works long and hard to help them avoid some of the mistakes that come with growing up and quite honestly, he does it too, to help keep young people from having to come in to contact with him at his work.  As a parent himself he knows first hand the dangers kids face day in and day out and that pressure comes from every direction in young peoples lives and pressure often leads to choices that can impact them for years to come. 

April 20th, Dj will be bringing his discussion called "Shattering the Myths" about marijuana to Orchard View High School.  A program in association with AMP, an outreach of The Health Project at Mercy Health.  It's a discussion to bring awareness to young people about marijuana and the potential dangers it has for them.  He will be bring some guests along with him who have experienced some addiction issues and have found a new life in recovery.  He will also talk about some of the unknowns about today's marijuana.  Concentration levels of active ingredients, ingredients used in the growing process and some of the hidden things that might not often be considered when it comes to getting a drug off the street.  

No matter where you stand on the issue, I hope we can all agree that keeping kids away from marijuana or alcohol or any substance that's intoxicating is a good idea.  Young minds need time to develop and to keep kids away from such things.  I understand it's a very hot topic and a very divisive issue at the time, and in our conversation we do talk about the potential for Michigan to become a legalization state. 

I stopped in to Dj Hilson's office to talk about the presentation and we were joined by Jason Carlson who is with the Muskegon Parole Office to talk about the presentation.  Take a listen.


The arguments are loud on both sides.  It's our sincere hope however that we can all agree that like alcohol, keeping our young people away from substances that can effect their judgement and ability to deal with life on life's terms is a good thing.  The adversity faced by young people is tough but for them to find a crutch early on as opposed to finding a way to cope can lead to many more problems down the road.  Time will tell what comes of the legalization push, but for our young people, information is key and Dj will coninue to inform them to the best of his ability.  

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