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Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program April 28th at Norton Shores Fire Department


One thing we can hopefully all agree on is that the opioid crisis is WAY out of hand.  We're not here to say that if you truly need them, you shouldn't have access, but..if you've got some laying around the house or maybe you have a prescription that has expired or is left over from a relative that has passed and you don't know what to do about them, there is a safe and easy way to get rid of what you have and the opportunity comes with no questions asked from law enforcement or health care as to why you have a prescription with someone else's name on it.

April 28th from 9a-1p you can participate in the Spring Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program at the Norton Shores Fire Department on Pontaluna Road.  You don't even have to get out of the car to drop off your unused medications and sharps.  There is a quick survey and then you rid yourself of the left overs and save yourself the risk of someone else getting them or, the environmental damage you can do by using the old stand by of flushing them down the toilet...which is not recommended at all.

Since the program began in Muskegon back in 2010...get this, over 30,000 pounds of outdated and unused medications have been dropped off.  THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS of pills.  Imagine that?  Think of the risk involved in those meds getting in to the wrong hands.  Think of the safety of your kids or your kids friends who might come over and just happen to find something like that in a medicine cabinet or closet?  The danger is real, and the awareness has never been higher.  This is why The Health Project of Mercy Health along with The Muskegon County Law Enforcement Agencies team up to help remove the risk from the community with this safe and anonymous program.

Rachel McCoy is with The Health Project at Mercy Health.  She and I met up at the Emergency Command Center of the Muskegon County Police Department to discuss the program a little and get you up to speed on what to expect on April 28th.  Take a listen.

 The idea is...better safe than sorry.  As we've discussed in the past and as we've featured a story or two over the years, we're in a bad spot when it comes to pills and opiate based medications and addiction.  If you are not using highly addictive medications and they are in your house...they pose a risk.  This is a free, safe and anonymous way to keep your risk to a minimum and make sure those kind of medications are out of your home.  You should also do an inventory of all your other medications to see if they are past their expiration date and clear them out too.  Think of it as Spring Cleaning for your medicine cabinet and closet.  Take them to the Norton Shores Fire Department on April 28th and know they will be disposed of properly.  Our thanks to The Health Project of Mercy Health for their sponsorship of The Muskegon Channel as well as their stewardship of Muskegon and our people. Visit the MAMDP website at http://mamdp.org/ .