Tue, Oct

The Transformation Challenge With Becky Biesiada!


Hopefully, you've been enjoying and benefitting from Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel for a while!  Heck, tomorrow marks the 48th episode that will be coming out, but there are also some people out there who enjoy fitness in a group setting and Becky has just the thing for you!

 She's running a special class called The Transformation Challenge at The Gym in North Muskegon.

The class is limited to 10 participants.  There are prizes involved.  There is motiviation in groups.  There are two meetings a week and there are others who want to encourage you and help push you along to achive!

Get the scoop from Becky and I about the Transformation Challenge!

Sound like something you're up for?  It's as simple as getting a hold of Becky! Get in on the next Transofrmation Challenge with Becky at The Gym.