Tue, Oct

Fit and Healthy With Becky Biesiada From The Gym in North Muskegon Episode 51


It's episode 51 of Fit and Healthy with Becky on The Muskegon Channel.  This time.. the "dumbbell" isn't behind the camera, they are in the hands of Becky and they are begin shown off on how to make you healthier, happier and now that the sun's out...you can get the "guns out" (your arms)

The idea here is to do the exercises for 30 second each.  You can do these daily.  You can do them a couple times a day.  You can save the video and come back and do it again and again and you are welcome to share it with your friends!  One thing we always ask is that you consult your doctor before you start this or any exercise program and of course, you warm up and stretch out and drink plenty of water. 

It's time to get Fit and Healthy With Becky!  Let's get to it!

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