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Tue, Jan

The Mercy Health Bear Lake Triathlon and Duathalon - May 26th in North Muskegon


We're all in the business of "Watching Us Go".  Well, watching us go includes everything else going on around town too, and if you have not taken a look lately, things are jumping in more than just one neighborhood in the area. 


Today, we're taking a look at North Muskegon.  North Muskegon is getting more and more involved with larger events and welcoming more and more people in to enjoy the peaceful neighborhoods, the beautiful lakes and the great restaurants in the area.  The parades are still some of the best in town and things like the North Side Family Fun Fest, the Annual Community Picnic, the Circle of Trees Dog Parade and more give you a chance to meet the friendly people and absorb some of the great tastes and hospitality.  There is also this incredible school filled with Norsemen....years and years of pride in a great district. bear lake triVisit the Bear Lake Tri Online

North Muskegon also has a competitive side, and if you have the goods...well, you can put them to the test on May 26th at the Bear Lake Triathalon and Duathalon.  Ron Knoll is the Event Director and took over after he "retired" from insurance and went on to work for what happens to be his passion.  Starting as a runner, he tried a Duathalon and then...he was on to a Tri and carry on to develop these events all around Michigan.  It's a combination of all of the elements that make these events so special to him, especially the people who participate in them.   

Up to 8 events a season now, Ron brings these fun, family oriented events to places like North Muskegon, Grand Haven, Traverse City and with the events, come the people.  Is athletic tourism a thing?  Well, it is now.  Hundreds will converge on North Muskegon to participate and watch.  Community members will pitch in, local police and fire will be on hand for safety and at the end of it all, everyone in the area will be seen as a pretty great place to visit and we'll see them come back for maybe a visit to a State Park, or the Winter Sports Complex, The Block House....who knows.

There's still time to register!!  I met up with Ron at The Coffee Factory in Downtown Muskegon on a rainy day to talk about the North Muskegon Triathalon.  Take a listen.


A great way to show off the shape you're in, or...show off our great community.  A triathlon isn't exactly for beginners, so...if it's something you might aspire to, maybe come out this year for a view and set some goals.  If you are were you need to be to get in on it, what are you waiting for?  Jump in Bear Lake, get on that bike and lace up your sneakers!  May 26th will be an awesome day for everyone, and a great day for athletes and fans in North Muskegon.