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We're back with another visit with Attorney Shon Cook who's a great sponsor of our work and has been invaluable to our audience with her incredibly savvy advice with all things in the legal system.  We've discussed any number of topics from the earliest days of legal proceedings changes due to COVID, to potential court changes that will happen as things re-open and maybe even permanently.  We've also explored topics like mental health and the legal system. when you truly need legal representation and more!  Shon's ability to explain legal speak in a way that people can easily understand it and make it relatable to their needs has been incredible and this week, it's a topic that  still applies and even though it's not usually front and center news until some one rich and famous has a break up, it's part of every one of them and very real.  Spousal Support.


Spousal support is a two way street depending on a number of factors.  Yes, it's generally the female in a relationship seeking financial help but there are cases too where the male has not been the primary breadwinner in the family and when the end comes to a relationship, it's gotta be presented by the attorneys up front and given consideration by the judge in either way the case is going.  There's a reason too.  Shon will describe it in the video in better detail, but it's part of a divorce proceeding that has to be in there from the start and agreed upon or down the road, the option to amend any part of it can be a moot point.  

We've all heard the super big stories about the alimony settlements of the big stars and the super rich, but the common every day person, well, there are a lot of factors that come into things like work history, child care, ability to work and so forth.  Like any legal proceeding, what Shon's offering today are some examples and you should always speak to an Attorney about your specific case when it comes to spousal support, but here's a great start to the conversation and a great way to learn a little more abut the topic. 


Things come to an end. It's never in the "happily ever after" part when you get going, but knowing there are experts out there that can help you navigate a very difficult system in a time when it feels like your world is coming a part, well,  that's what Shon and her highly trained staff are there for.  Call 231-894-0909 or you can CLICK HERE to email shon directly and of course, you can contact her by visiting her website below.  We'll be back next Saturday with more incredible insight and advice from Attorney Shon Cook.

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