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Shon Cook is an amazing resource for us to have as a partner with the Muskegon Channel as her line of work as an Attorney practicing family law has given her some incredible experience to share and a a wealth of knowledge to help others understand in a way that eliminates a lot of the legal jargon and makes it easy to understand for most anyone.


This week, it's a matter of grand parents rights when it comes to a break up.  When a couple has to call it quits, there might be plenty of good reasons for that to happen, however there are always so many more involved, especially if kids came along during the relationship.  It's a hard enough endeavor for some to manage to co-parent without many hassles but then, you have grand parents that want their time too with the kids and dividing up time, now between 4 sets of people, it can get quite tricky.  Let's take in to account too that grand parents..well, quite often too they have a little more experience in the game of life and they want what's best for the grand kids, so...if they disagree with what one or the other "x" is up to, the pressure can go up for more time, custody, guardianship or more. shon headshotShon Cook Law on Facebook

This is all with precedent.  The courts have things in place for all of these situations and for grand parents, there's a very heavy case to prove if they are seeking custody of a child in a case.  Parents are the first in line with rights and no matter what grand parents might think, there's a long road in front of them if they are trying to remove custody.  As we've talked with Shon in the past, "common sense" should probably be applied to any situation when it comes to a child with their grand parents as opposed to the bargaining chip mentality, let's face it....there's a lot grand parents have to offer kids.  The law is clearly defined though.

Shon walks us through the process of grand parent issues and even some of the tougher stuff that comes along with her line of work in this area of the law.  Take a listen and learn about the legalities of grand parenting time. 





If you're a grand parent, your priority is to be a part of those kids lives.  The happily ever after might not be coming for the parents of the grand kids, but you still carry over the wishes for the best for the grands and want to do all you can to assure that.  Some of what Shon had in this one sure sounded difficult for grand parents, but if you need a hand on some specifics, she's the attorney to talk to and help thread the needle on the delicate situation.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon or you can call 231-894-0909 of follow the link in the image below to visit Shon online.  

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