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Daily, we're inundated with information on all things medical.  So much so that it might even become part of the "background noise" while we're watching the news or our favorite show or maybe, it's one of those things in our current times that we all just kind of crawl into our shell about because let's face it....on the surface, especially in the social media world...everyone is all of the sudden an expert and to hear the never ending speculation and assertiveness of what's right or wrong, it gets old.  The reality is though, there are still plenty of other things in the medical world that effect all of us daily and in Muskegon, we're so incredibly fortunate to have the world class care we need right here, in our hometown hospitals with amazing physicians and technology you'd find in any other "big city".


When those physicians and hospitals are recognized for their work, it's plenty good cause for a visit.  Recently, Mercy Health was given the recognition of being Gold Star Plus Quality Award from the American Heart/Stroke Association for their Get With the Guidelines protocols.  It's the 6th year in a row for this recognition and to put it in the most simple of terms, it's awarded on a number of benchmarks like diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients, proper use of medications to prevent disability or death from stroke, education on managing health post stroke and more.  As you'll hear from Dr. Patrick Pavowski, Stroke Director for Mercy Health Muskegon, in our talk about this, in a stroke situation, time is of the essence on everything.  But, how do you recognize a stroke? GWTG TS ELITE PLUS ADT PLUS 2020 Gold 4CClick Here to Learn How to Decrease Your Stroke Risk

Like anything that goes bad in ya, there are some signs.  Numbness or weakness in an arm?  How about unevenness in a smile?  Slurred or strange speech?  Unlike a heart attack, where you grab your chest and know there's a major problem, with a stroke, the symptoms are a little more subtle and quite often, not seen because if they happen to the elderly, who are alone a lot, they might not even notice themselves.  What happens is blood flow is cut off to the brain for and the damage begins.  It's this ticking clock that Dr. Pavowski and others have to beat to assure the most complete recovery with minimal permanent damage done.  Time, remember that.  It can't wait.

What can you do to prevent a stroke?  Well, most of the usual things we hear about.  Stay physically active.  Stop smoking.  Reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, eat right, if you are diabetic make sure that's under control.  Another very important part of it all, make sure you stay current with your check up's.  Sure, for a while there, we were all pretty much steering clear of anything to do with a Dr's office or hospital, but health and safety concerns are addressed pretty much anywhere, so please stay current on your health and stay in touch with your Doc!

We met up with the good Dr. at the Hackley Campus in the Professional Building around the corner and talked about the recognition as well as what to look for in yourself or a loved on when it comes to a stroke. 

It's incredible advice and important to know so take a listen, because if you need it....remember, it's all about time...and if it's needed, the clock is ticking immediately for you or a family member when it comes to a stroke. 





Solid advice based on research, facts and ability to make it happen, right here in Muskegon.  Dr. Pavowski did email back and mention that he misspoke on the acronym "FAST" it means Face Arms and Speech Time, but again, it comes down to time.  If you see of feel any of the symptoms of a stroke, time is now to get the treatment you need and to know that Mercy Health, right here in Muskegon is setting the standard for such care is a pretty comforting fact.  We appreciate Mercy's support of our work, and we appreciate too Dr. Pavowski wrapping up his day with a few minutes for all of us on the signs of a stroke and how to get the quickest, most effective treatment to prevent lasting damage or worse.  To visit Mercy Health online, click below.  


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