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In this weeks edition of Satudays With Shon, we begin with a little confusion.  No one is really sure why Andy immediately assumes the "appeals process" means begging to get yourself our of as much trouble as you can, as fast as you can, but Shon does an incredible job with her calm, and steady hand to assure him that an appeal has a lot more application than just finding your way out of a pinch.


In the family courts, things take time.  Decisions are made on a number of levels and as time has gone on, things have been refined in the courts to streamline things even more.  There are process that include mediators, referees, resolutions and more all before things get to a judge and the best part of all of that is that it lightens the case load for the bench, and hopefully it's a part of the resolution and amicable agreements can be made.  But, we are talking family law here and there are quite often things that play into these decisions that the heart and mind weigh heavily on.shon cook officeShon Cook Law on Facebook

Maybe it's a divorce settlement, maybe it's a custody issue.  It might seem that all is settled but 5 minutes down the road, what seemed like a deal all of the sudden kinda smells like rotten fish and it's time to rethink.  Yes, we are talking time for an appeal.  Did you know there are special attorneys for appellate matters?  Did you know there are time limits?  Did you know probably didn't and that's why Shon is here!

Shon Cook explains the process and how intricate the process is and how involved it can all get in this weeks episode, take a listen. 


Seem tough? It is. That's why Shon explains it and that's why if you need a hand in the legal world, she's the call to make.  Caring, compassionate, client driven and focused on making sure that the outcome is a success.  If you need a hand, 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or, visit her website by clocking below!

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