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Muskegon Surgical Associates is very much a valued sponsor of our work at the Muskegon Channel.  Their support for our work, as well as their extended reach into the community to help other organizations that benefit the community is absolutely one of the brightest spots you might have never head about.  The group of surgeons and their support staff do an awful lot of work for organizations quietly, without a lot of fanfare quite often because their mission after all is to better the health of all of us in Muskegon, and that's not always achieved by the use of a scalpel.


As a patient of the practice on a couple of occasions, I can tell you first hand that their attention to safety for those they care for and those who do the caring, it's been unbelievable.  After all, germs, infections, sanitation and best practices....they are pretty much an every day thing at a surgeon's office.  Early on in the pandemic, as I was getting a couple of surgical follow up visits handled, pre-entry screenings, social distance in the waiting room, a smaller staff working in rotation at the desk...all the marks were checked and finding a mask, not an issue here.  These practices continue at both of their locations in Muskegon and the safe return for some of the things you might have been putting off, well, it's time to get back to those.  Things are not going to get better by putting them off, so having your skin checked, getting your hands fixed, maybe that reconstructive procedure you've been waiting for or you've heard from your Dr. in the past that your vascular system could use a better look, the time is now to get caught up on what's been put off. pure medicalPure Medical Spa Online

With any modern surgical center too, Muskegon Surgical Associates offers a host of other services.  Maybe it's an aesthetic treatment?   There's the Pure Medical Spa offering things like a chemical peel for your skin, some Botox for those pesky little wrinkles?  Maybe you could use Cool Sculpting to get rid of a hard to beat flabby spot?  How about that tattoo that you thought you had to have and now,'s time for it to go.  Unsightly hair that needs to go for good?  They do that.  Muskegon Surgical offers all of these services and more with Board Certified Surgeons who's top priority is your care and the outcome of their work on your overall well being.  They even have the very top of the line skin care products you won't find anywhere else.  

We met up with Mary Tripod who is the Executive Director of the whole operation.  Talk about a big role!  From managing all of the doctors, nurses and support staff to the community outreach and engagement Mary is a rock star leader and it's readily apparent in our chat.  Learn a little more about Muskegon Surgical Associates and their work for you and all in the community.



We are remarkably proud of our relationship with Muskegon Surgical Associates and we're honored too that our values match as they do.  Working for the betterment of the people of Muskegon via our own methods, different as they may be, but important.  To know that they see the value in what we do is beyond an honor.  To know that they are right here, with any and all of the care you'd find anywhere else in the world no matter if it's an emergency need, or something to help you along with the best part of being you....for that we're grateful on behalf of all of our community.  Don't put it off anymore.  If you need to get it fixed or inspected, it's time for that visit to Muskegon Surgical Associates.  You can link to them by clicking on the photo below.